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Mar 7, 2016

Cookies and More Cookies

I'm sure tired of Girl Scout cookies!

This is what happened. Last year we were a test market for the new gluten-free cookie. The response was overwhelming and no one could get cookies. So this year they asked us to preorder the cookies in October. Well, I was feeling pretty good about it and sent them my order for 6 cases of 12 boxes each.

Then Teach met Twiz and we were suddenly planning a wedding right in the middle of cookie sales. Our troop sales were down 1000 boxes and now that most of my deliveries are done, I still have lots of gluten-free cookies.

Why can't anything be easy?


Denise said...

love, love girl scout cookies.

mommeeof10 said...

My girl scout leader is over cookies. She is not ordering anymore and If I don't get by her house to get the ones I asked for and pay her, she will sell them to someone else. She goes to every cookie booth sale, scheduled 8 of them over 4 weekends.


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