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Mar 9, 2016

Guest Blog: Make it Snappy by Baby Doll and Drama Queen

Baby Doll and Drama Queen here! We have found a new fun thing to do together: we like to send silly snapchats to Prima Donna and Teach!  If you've never used SnapChat before, try it! 

It's pretty easy to do, and it has these funny filters that change every day so you can make weird faces.  Baby Doll's favorite filter is the puppy dog one.  Check out the Snap we made with her licking her ice cream cone with a giant doggy tongue!  Happy days! 

Drama Queen's favorite part is that she can use it to make punny jokes and to show off her food!  (Prima Donna hates it when we send her pictures of our lunch, cuz it's always yummier than what is at high school.) 

We are still trying to convince Mom and Princess to download it.  It makes things like shopping easier cuz you can send a picture really fast.  When Teach and Twiz were setting up their apartment, they would snapchat pictures of the stuff they wanted to get to each other to make sure they both liked it.  Also, we always get to see cute pictures of Teach. 

Happy Snapping!  Love, Baby Doll and Drama Queen!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Denise said...

enjoyed this post.

LeAnn said...

It does look like a fun site to use. I will look into . The dog picture is cute. I love that these two sisters are having so much fun and sharing it with the other sisters. What a precious family you all are. Hugs~


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