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Mar 27, 2016

More Easter Weekend

Saturday morning dawned way too early for us. Bossy called to tell me we were missing the candy hunt at Smith's, but honestly, my warm bed was much more inviting. We did manage to get the kids up in time for the city Easter Candy Scramble at 10:00. The kids love that one. They divide the area in ages so everyone gets at least some goodies and treats. My job was hanging out with Scout and Burrito. They filled their baskets with plastic eggs, toys, and taffy.

After lunch we set up the egg dying stations so that all the kids could get a chance to participate. We had kids with Giselle rehearsal and some with baseball practice, but it was good to spread it out anyway. My sweetie boiled 18 dozen eggs to accommodate everyone and it was 5:30 before they were finished and things were cleaned up.

Most of my girls were able to go with us to the Women's Conference at the Stake Center. I love having my girls around me and feasting on the words from our great church leaders.

Then this morning the kids were up early, searching for hidden eggs and enjoying Easter candy. We were excited to receive these large sunglasses with a cute note attached telling us that our Pass of All Passes had been renewed for another year of fun. I got a bag of my current favorite candy bar, Twix. I seriously have totally fallen off the eat healthy wagon this weekend. It's been fun to relax a bit and I definitely enjoyed the white rolls my sweetie made for our dinner and Twiz and Teach's cream pies.

Besides being with my family, my favorite part of the day was watching this amazing video in Relief Society. This little one isn't mine, but she is from Utah and she has an amazing voice that explained the most important part of Easter for me.

My own kids have one more day off before the world starts spinning again.

My sweetie says he has something fun planned. Don't worry, you'll be the first to hear all about it.

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter!


Anonymous said...

actually it was 24 dozen eggs...

LeAnn said...

Loves this post! You always have such a good time. In the video, Claire's Mom was in my achievement day class several years ago. She is one of my favorites. She ia a very good pianist. She has another sweet little boy. Claire's grandmother and great grandmother are cherished friends. They are all from Spokane where we lived before moving here. We have been using the video all last week in our missionary work. Blessings and hugs!

Marci said...

I LOVE that video of the cute little girl singing Gethsemane! Our primary kids sang that song during Sacrament Meeting, and I made them sing it again during singing time (I was subbing for the primary chorister) because I just LOVE that song! Happy Easter (a few days late)!!


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