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Mar 12, 2016

Crafty's Solo

My sweet Crafty did her first solo dance competition today. I have to confess that I accidentally signed her up in the advanced lyrical group when at 15 she should have been in the intermediate. She placed 3rd, but her marks were amazing for her first try. There were 3 judges and she received a 92, 93, and a 92.5.

She also received this gigantic trophy. I'm so proud of her for putting it all on the line. She has grown up so much over the past couple of years. She has always been painfully shy and dance has been the one way she has been able to open up and share a part of herself.

Her scores were good and some of the judges even wrote her notes so she can work on making herself an even better soloist when she goes to the prestigious Aspire competition next month.

Great job, Crafty!

Newsflash: Princess's engagement is off



Anonymous said...

Congatulations upon the trophy and sorry about the engagement but you are very young and can meet and get engaged to someone who you want to spend your life together with......again, Kudos to your win and the fact you tried and did so very well!

LeAnn said...

Congratulation to Crafty on her Solo and the trophy. Keep on sharing this special talent.
Hugs for you!

Denise said...

congrats to Crafty.


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