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Mar 18, 2016

Springtime and Baby Animals

Remember right before Christmas when we had the chance to visit This Is The Place Heritage Park? We had a great time at the live Nativity, eating gingerbread, square dancing, and devouring the delicious Brigham's donuts. So today I was pretty excited to receive another invitation to visit; this time to see all the baby animals and enjoy the park in a totally different season.

We were at the park in the spring many years ago and I remember Sport playing with the tiny goats and lambs. One little goat chased him all over the grassy field until he collapsed in giggles. You know, I grew up on a farm, ok, at least my dad had a farm, so animals big and small were part of my growing up. Sadly, my dad no longer tends the farm and my little ones have not grown up with that experience.

Baby Doll loves animals of all kinds, so I'm thinking this might be a new favorite activity for her. We are hoping to visit next week when the kids are out of school for spring break. If you see us there, make sure you say hello. Just don't get behind us in the donut line, you might not get any! They are amazing!

And guess what? I can even get you $2 off each Admission! Just click on the following link and print out the coupons.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

That does sound like such a fun outing; have fun and enjoy the donuts. Of course, I know you will! Hugs~


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