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Aug 3, 2014

The Service Project

The Drama Queen received a devastating phone call earlier this week. Someone had broken into her costume "closet" at the high school and vandalized the entire area by pulling costumes down, breaking hangers, and throwing boxes on the floor.

She was so upset! Last fall she spent many hours organizing and filling boxes and obtaining shelves in an attempt to keep this area clean. There are over a thousand costumes in there including props and shoes, hats, belts, you get the idea. 

It was easy to get buy-in from the kids. Drama Queen has been so kind and helpful all summer that everyone wanted to be part of fixing this for her. My sweetie even suggested we wear our blog shirts! Now that's a first...

Sport had football practice until 11:00, so I took the kids to the Home Depot class. Then we all piled into the van with sack lunches and drove the hour or so to Nephi. After a quick stop at her apartment to get keys, we entered Drama Queen's domain. Her "closet" was actually two huge storage rooms and she was right, they were in pretty bad shape. We all dug in and job assignments were quickly made. Soon everyone was hanging clothes, sorting boxes, and restacking shelves.

It was hot sweaty work since the AC was off and there were no windows or anything in there. I was sure wishing I had brought a fan!

Two and a half hours later, the room looked like a different place. We discarded all the cardboard boxes and packed it all in plastic totes. What we could hang up easily, we did. Prima Donna was in charge of the jackets and trousers. Princess had the short dresses and skirts. I hung everything that was longer. The younger kids sorted and boxed up various props. Drama Queen made decisions like a pro. It was so fun to see her in her element!

When we were finally finished and my sweetie had vacuumed the last of the feathers and broken beads from the floor, we lugged all the cardboard and trash to the dumpster. Then we piled back in the van and headed to Wendy's for frosties and fries.

We were all tired and hot, but happy. There is nothing like a little service to make life seem like a pretty good thing.

Love you, Drama Queen!


LeAnn said...

You are so right that service brings smiles and joy. You all did such a great job. I can't imagine finding out that all of these things had been tossed around and items ruined. It is so maddening that someone would break in and do this.
You all deserve some sweet blessings for this one.

Shell said...

How awful that someone would do that! So great of you all to help out!

~ Crystal ~ said...

What a wonderful thing you all did! It's awful the disrespect people have for others. So glad that your daughter has such a wonderful heart to not only organize the storage spaces from the beginning but to do it again after it was vandalized.



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