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Aug 18, 2014

More Weekend Fun

We had a super busy weekend which I'm sure doesn't surprise anybody. Saturday was mainly Princess's pageant, but some other things went on as well.

Crafty and Prima Donna volunteered to help with the end of summer reading party at the library. They are both members of TAB, the Teen Advisory Board, so they do things like that on a regular basis. This one was a little different though, because they asked Prima Donna to dress up as the library mascot.

She was so excited! She actually loved the opportunity. They also had some other fun activities for kids, so we spent an hour doing crafts, science, and blowing bubbles. But our favorite part was hanging out with the cute mascot.
Prima Donna as Talula

And Curly loved his chance to be Olaf.

Speaking of Frozen, Baby Doll had a fun activity before our library party. She was invited to a birthday party for one of her little friends and they had a special guest there... ELSA!

Baby Doll was so excited! Crafty went with her so she wouldn't be shy and nervous and they both enjoyed their little brush with an almost celebrity. Elsa read them a story and sang part of her favorite song for them.

We didn't get much housework done this weekend or planning for Teach's party next Sunday, but like Elsa, I decided to just "let it go."

Hope you had an amazing weekend too!

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Oh another amazing adventure for your children; just way fun. Loved it all and yes, let it go!!


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