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Aug 8, 2014

Guest Blog: My Family, A Third Grade Talk by Scout

My family is like a zoo.  Not even kidding.  First, there’s my dad.  He’s like this big, hairy rhino.  He’s fierce (sometimes) and works really hard for our family. I love it when he reads stories to me in weird voices. 

Then there’s my mom.  My mommy is a unicorn.  She’s like a unicorn because she’s magical – she makes everything work out almost every time.  Like when I played softball, she made sure I always had a clean uniform.  She’s also super good at finding things when they are lost.

My biggest sister is named Bossy.  She’s married and has two sons and three step-kids.  Bossy is like a hippo because she is really bossy but also really fun and because when she was a little girl she gave a lesson in FHE about how saying you're sorry is harder than saying "hippopotamus." She lets me play at her house and once she gave me pizza.  And crazy bread.

My oldest brother is Gym Rat. He is like a gorilla cuz he’s huge!  He’s like as tall as a tree. He lifts me up into the air and I walk upside down on the ceiling like a bat while he’s holding me.  It’s so fun and cool and amazing.  He’s also really strong. Once he made his girlfriend Lindsey walk on the ceiling and she’s a grown-up!

My next oldest sister is named Drama Queen.  She is probably the craziest person I know. Like a parrot, she sings all the freaking time. She’s also pretty smart.

Teach is my third sister. She’s like a butterfly.  She’s nice and kind and sharing and amazing. She is on a mission right now. I’m really sad because I miss her but she will be home in exactly two weeks from today.

Dog Walker is like a bear. He’s scary when he’s angry and he’s cuddly when he’s nice.  He works really hard – especially on homework.  He’s also a pretty cool dancer – but don’t tell him I said that. 

Princess  is my fourth sister.  She is like a flamingo because she can dance.  She’s one of the nicest people I know and shares her candy with me. 

My next sister is Prima Donna.  She’s like a sloth.  She seriously would sleep all day if she could.  Her favorite thing is Sailor Moon. 

Crafty is like a bunny rabbit because she’s cuddly.  She’s also kind of shy.  She likes playing Pet Shops with me and makes beautiful jewelry.

Sport is my brother who’s just older than me by three years.  He’s totally a tiger.  He’s scary!  Sometimes he’s a bit mean to me, but he’s a really awesome football player. 

Curly is the brother who’s younger than me by three years.  He’s a sheep.  He used to have this curly hair, but now its kind of straight.  He’s also really cuddly and loves to give hugs.

Baby Doll, my baby sister, is like a robin because she is nice and gentle. She’s also really, really smart. Like Drama Queen, she loves to sing and knows the words to lots and lots of songs.

And that only leaves me. I’m Scout and I guess I’m like a puppy dog because I love to play and sometimes I beg for other people’s candy.  Mostly Princess’s. 

I really love my family.  We are always doing lots of awesome things together.  We work really hard, and we play really hard.  There’s always something happening.  It’s so much fun!  Thank you for letting me tell you all about my big, crazy, zoo-like family.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet blog you did, you are a big big girl now..Good luck in school and enjoy your sister Teach when she arrives home in approximately 2 weeks..Miss Scout your blog was the nicest thing I have read about your Mom and Dad and entire family, just about the sweetest thing ever..Keep smiling those lovely smiles God has such big plans in your life..What a lovely God Loving family and you are the absolute sweetest living doll ever..ciao!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna Banana said...

Can I gush? This essay/talk is AWESOME! What a writer for your age or any age! And it gives such a fun description of your family. This gem is a keeper!

LeAnn said...

The family picture is lovely and I loved this super duper guest blog by Scout.
Give that girl a hug from me; this was awesome.
Blessings for all!


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