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Aug 5, 2014

Summer Reading

You know how much I love reading! I'm so glad that I have instilled that in pretty much all of my children. It hasn't always been easy. Some of them have really struggled, but eventually they all get to the point where they just can't put a good book down.

We haven't had as much time to read this summer as we wanted to. June was dedicated to Prima Donna's Gold Project, July was vacation, swimming lessons, and holidays. It's just been busy! But we did manage to squeeze in enough pages to cash in on some of the free summer reading programs here in the Salt Lake Valley.

So for FHE we piled the kids into the van and headed to our local library. The kids were excited to receive free coupons and then be allowed into the exclusive "choose a book for free!" area. It took them a good 20 minutes to make a decision and I finally had to threaten Scout with choosing a book for her if she didn't hurry up.

We finally left the library and drove a few miles to the closest Barnes & Noble. They required the kids to read 8 books each and then they were allowed to choose a free one from selected books. That made it a little easier since there were only about 20 choices and with 7 kids choosing, we got to take home about half the titles.

They were all super excited to get started reading, and it was difficult to get them to all pose together for you. I actually had to threaten to take all the new books away...

So glad my kids love to read!


Marci said...

Fun! Emma had to read 15 books to get a free book from the San Antonio library system. Their program started June 1, and you could go in to claim your free book starting June 15th. We went that very day so that I could pick whatever book I wanted for her! They had a much better selection then than they do now!

Our small town library had a reading program, where you just kept track of the books you read all summer and then you get a free shirt and there were some coupons to Six Flags you got just for signing up. They're having their summer reading celebration party this weekend, but Emma and I will be out of town so we'll miss it, I'm bummed!

We sure love summer reading! (and year-round reading too!)

Anonymous said...

Readers are leaders my friend who has a big job with Evergreen Schools likes to say, she ia the head of all the reading specialists in the district..If a child is having difficulty reading it shadows their entire learning process. My husband of over 40 years could not see he always sat in the front row until the reading specialists figured out he needed GLASSES. His parents were so poor with many many kids and no income, the school this is in the east got him decent reading glasses he became a straight A student! Readers are Leaders plain & simple and it helps them to be creative and they know how to figure out measurments, cook and clean reading and reading! Keep being a wonderful Mother & vigilant about reading your wonderful children will grow up happy and contented and never ever sign anything they don't read first and understand a true blessing in this scary world..Soon your daughter will be home from her Mission =hip hip hoorah for her and your and your husband and her siblings, she can only be changed for the Lord for the better of her life, wow whee..ciao!


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