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Aug 10, 2014

Boating with Bob

Remember yesterday when I told you I would be spending a good part of my day at the County Fair? Well, I did.

I have been super-stressed about doing a booth all week long. It's been almost 2 years since I did the last one and it didn't go well...

Anyway, I finally got myself out there and set up and it wasn't nearly as bad as I worried it might be, but I could have been having a ton more fun with my family. My awesome and amazing home teacher took all the kids and grandkids out boating today.

The kids love it and they look forward to going every year. Since we aren't boat people, this is really their only chance to enjoy that side of life.

So I'm going to share with you the pics my sweetie and Bossy took for me of the kids all tubing on Utah Lake while I slaved away in a hot convention room at the equestrian park. (How am I doing on the pity party thing? :)

And one more. Yesterday Princess spent hours making piggy cupcakes for the Wilton Cupcake Decorating contest at the fair. I heard from the lady in charge that the competition was super fierce and Princess won 3rd place overall. Not bad!!

But I think she should have won first. Those pink piggies? All hand crafted from fondant that she actually made herself. She is definitely a talented girl!


Natalie Ockey said...

We were on Utah Lake yesterday too! How funny!

LeAnn said...

We used to have a boat and I truly loved the pictures; it brought back some quick memories.
The piggy cupcakes are just adorable.


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