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Aug 16, 2014

Curly's Friend Party

It's a good thing Baby Doll got that waterproof cast yesterday, because she definitely needed it today! Curly had his birthday party with his friends and it was a water party in the backyard. I love those kinds of parties because other than cleaning up the backyard and getting all the weeds out of the sand pile, it takes very little effort on my part.

Princess even made super cute cupcakes for me. All I had to do was buy the ice cream.

Many years ago my sweetie decided he wanted to have what he calls the "big pipe" as part of our water system in the backyard. And it's just what it sounds like, a big pipe that shoots out a ton of water. When the Gym Rat was working at Kwal Paint, he told us about all the people who used painter's plastic as huge slip and slides, so we got a couple of rolls and we keep them in the garage for just this sort of occasion.

Then today the Dog Walker unrolled a huge piece and turned on the big pipe. We also put a hose in the sand pile so they could flood everything. Crafty filled up the plastic kiddie pool so they could use it for water guns, I set out some chairs on the patio in case any parents wanted to stay and we were ready.

I never actually did a count of the kids here, but I'm pretty sure we had almost 30 with my own and the grandkids. There were neighbors and friends from school, all kinds of little bodies splashing and playing in the water. After an hour and a half that included gifts and cake, they didn't want to leave. But parents slowly filtered in and after a while it was only our own and they played for a couple more hours while I made dinner.

It was a good day. They all had tons of fun and it wasn't even hard. :)

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Natalie Ockey said...

Looks like so much fun!


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