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Aug 15, 2014

A Real Cast

Just Waiting for the Doctor
Today was finally the day. I'm not sure who was happier about it, me or Baby Doll. Working with the soft cast was difficult and showering was a joke. We tried to cover everything with a garage bag, but it is almost impossible to keep things dry.

We got up early and got the kids off to school and then we headed off for her appointment. We arrived right on time and made our way to the 3rd floor. They took her immediately back for another X-ray and then we settled into doing some paperwork.

When we were finished, we were placed in a room to wait for the doctor. Baby Doll chose a book and we read through two of them before she started to get restless. "What's taking so long?" she complained. Then a minute later, "Maybe they just can't find a pink cast."

A new pink cast!
She had her heart set on a pink cast from the moment she knew she would have to wear one. Before long the doctor came in and she showed us the X-rays. It definitely showed 3 little breaks, 2 in one bone, and a small crack on the end of the radius bone. It's no wonder she was so uncomfortable!

The doctor answered all of our questions and then sent in the technicians to put on the cast. They even "found" a pink one! I had intended to take pictures of the process for you, really I did, but I was so fascinated with the teamwork and quickness of the task that it was over before I even thought of it.

The cast is waterproof, which is nice, but it is also higher up on her arm and it makes it difficult for me to carry her. She was also in a fair amount of pain from the X-rays and just moving her arm while they put on the cast. After a little ibuprofen, she slept the rest of the morning away, barely waking while I had the dentist work on my teeth and she laid on the floor.

The only thing that roused her was when one of her little church friends brought her a treat and wished her a quick recovery. Yeah, it was a boy...


Anonymous said...

Sweet girl! She must have been super brave. I miss you, babyDoll! <3 drama queen

LeAnn said...

Oh, that sweet little one. I do like that pink cast and I am happy it is waterproof. She must have been a brave one through it all. Give her hugs and blessings for her!


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