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Aug 13, 2014

Blast from the Past - Curly's First Birthday in 2009

OK, I just couldn't resist sharing this one. It was long before Curly had those beautiful curly locks so if I had to give him a blog name in 2009, it probably would have been "Naked Boy." What's with never wearing any clothes? I know it was summer and all, but seriously, he is only wearing a diaper in most of his pics. This is his dainty eating of his very own smash cake. Just love the frosting on his forehead.

Then there is Scout and her constant photo bombing. I should show you all the selfies she took in my phone over the weekend... In this pic she looks pretty much like Baby Doll does now.

His favorite gift was this huge yellow Tonka truck just for him! He still loves running it around and around the house. It's loud, but I don't mind. It's such good exercise!

I think everyone else was more interested in his birthday gifts than he was. Such a fun happy birthday six years ago, Curly. I hope you have many, many more!


Anna Banana said...

That's how my babies look in summer- diapers and/or onesies only.

LeAnn said...

I have to smile at these cute pictures. I think it is awesome that you do these older posts of the family.
Blessings and hugs for that cute boy.


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