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Aug 7, 2014

One of Those Weeks

Ever have one of those hard weeks when stuff just keeps slamming into you? Like take this week, for example. On Monday night my sweetie stopped by the Gym Rat's house on his way home from work. It was nearly 10:00 as he headed for the freeway. He was just getting onto the on-ramp when some guy came out of no where and slammed into him. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt, but there is some major damage to the Suzuki and wouldn't you know it, the other driver who was at fault is uninsured.

Then today was the Dog Walker's math final. Math is by far his hardest class and he was very stressed about taking the final on campus in the test center. He gets double time on his tests, so for finals, he doesn't do them with his class. Anyway, when he showed up for his appointment, the test was not there. After about an hour, they managed to round it up for him, but I'm sure his concentration was shattered by then. Hopefully he still managed to get a passing grade.

And finally, tonight the Drama Queen was making a salad for dinner and she asked me if we had any cucumbers in the garden. I told her I would check and when I got outside, the recent rain has softened the ground so I got distracted with a little weeding.

After a while the kids came out to check on me and the Dog Walker joined me in my task. Curly, Baby Doll, and Scout all got on the trampoline. A few minutes later, Baby Doll started to cry, which was weird, because they were not even jumping. Nobody seemed to know what was wrong or why she was crying, but my hands were muddy from the weeds so Drama Queen came out and carried her into the house.

I followed shortly behind and after washing up, we all sat down to eat. By then Baby Doll wasn't crying, but she was visibly upset and holding her arm at an angle. When she refused to eat, Drama Queen carried her into the living room. Moments later I took my baby girl in my arms and asked her if she was ok. She sobbed a little, then managed, "It really, really hurts!"

I sent Curly after her shoes and I drove her straight to after-hours care. An hour and x-rays later and she is in a splint with orders to have it cast in a couple of days. The break is near her elbow and they do want to have a specialist check her growth plate just to make sure.

I can hardly wait to see what exciting thing will happen tomorrow. The Dog Walker is taking his Biology final...

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