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Aug 29, 2014

It's Football Season!!

Guess what we did last Saturday? OK, I admit it. I already gave it away...

We got to watch the pre-season Pee-wee football games! I love it that Sport is so good at football. He's not big enough for the A team, but he made Super B again this year and he is playing Center and both sides of the line. He was just given a spot on starting Defense this week which is saying something because they have 20 boys on the team so very few are playing both teams.

Taco is also playing both sides of the line on his Gremlin team and Bossy is ecstatic about his progress this year. Last year was his first year and he just wasn't loving it, but now he is right in on the action all the time.

Last Saturday was nice because both boys were playing on the same fields and the games were one right after the other. Sport's team played first and although he did a great job, I think some of the boys on his team were a little shell-shocked and they lost 16 - 2.

Taco's team won 26 - 14. It was a beautiful day to be at the park... definitely beats cleaning the house!

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