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Aug 27, 2014

Free Flowers from Bouqs

She was so surprised!
A couple of weeks ago I was approached by the Marketing Director of The Bouqs Company. He had this great deal for me, I could get an amazing bouquet of their gorgeous flowers for free if I would just agree to write a blog post about it.

Now you know me, I LOVE free stuff, besides, I had just the right person in mind who would be so happy to know that her family loves her! Nope, you're wrong. It's not Teach although I'm sure she would have loved the flowers too.

The Drama Queen had just headed back to begin teaching high school for her third year. That put her an hour and a half away from us and I have to confess that I was going through some pretty major withdrawal from her bright and sunny personality. It has been so nice to have her home all summer. She has been so amazingly helpful and sweet with the kids. We all miss her!

So I jumped at the opportunity to send her some flowers. They offered me about a dozen different bouquets to choose from and I timed it just right for her to receive them at the high school on her first full day.

She was so excited to receive a package at the school! I was able to add a little personal note and the flowers arrived in beautiful condition. Since I couldn't see them myself, she snapped me a couple of pics so I could share them with you.

They were so easy to order at https://www.thebouqs.com/en/64-all.

These that I ordered for Drama Queen were called Desperado. She loved them! Next time you are in the mood to send a few flowers, I highly recommend heading on over to the Bouqs website. You won't be disappointed.

**I did not receive monetary compensation for this post, only some beautiful flowers for my amazing daughter, but as always, the opinions are my own.**



Anonymous said...

That company was profiled on Good Morning America and The View..I think their flowers wonderful..It is nice you get asked to comment upon many places of business.>But more important the love and sweetness you have for your daughter and all your daughter and sons too! I only pray for more Mother and Fathers to step up to the many challenges for their familia and their children..The centers that house the juveniles in our town would be empty of any offenders if their Mothers and Fathers did a fraction of what you do to Love and Guide your children..I truly believe that and your faith..LDS is the fastest growing religion in the entire world, one can see why, clean living a spiritual connection to the Lord, loving families and helping their families with guidance, discipline and LOVE, oh, my goodness sakes..Moral cleaness, Living cleaness (food and nutrition) how to cook and manage a household, how to parent and be a great Mother and great Father, if other religions had these principles they would grow fast too, but many are just buildings, full of people listening to a minister with no intention of living God's laws..it is sad indeed, that is why the Latter Day Saints are the fastest growing religion in the world, also the Missionaries both men and women sacrifice a lot to witness their faith in countries and the USA with intolerance and igonorance..Just commenting, how sweet the Bouq bouguets and kudos to you for sending it to your sweet teacher daughter, it probably will make her school year happier! ciao and God's Blessings always!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say daughers and the ignorance and intolerance I am commenting about is the many who don't know of your faith and the Missionaries go out and witness and tell the good news..They are brave and on fire for the Lord and their faith, how can people resist such a faith that is all loving of God's people...

LeAnn said...

I loved that you did this for her. I think it is so awesome. I can imagine how thrilled she must of been.
Thanks for sharing the link on this one.


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