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May 1, 2014

Blast from the Past: Baby Scout's First Haircut

With all the baseball games and time away from home, I was afraid I didn't have anything new to share with you and you might get bored, so I decided to try something different. I'm calling it "Blast from the Past." Not very original, I know, and I'm not even cool enough to make a button so you can join in on this fabulous meme. But here we go anyway.

I sorted through some old pics and found this fun day in June of 2006 when Scout got her first haircut. I've always given the first haircuts to all my kids and saved a few locks for their baby books. Scout had quite a bit of hair right from the beginning and if you remember, she was mostly auburn at first. She would have been almost 8 months old when I finally decided it was time.

Isn't she a good girl, sitting so nicely for me? Now if I would have just thought to comb my own freshly showered hair before I started. It was never in my mind then that I would be sharing any of these pics with the world.

You know the funny thing? Scout at 8 months looks pretty much like Scout now at 8 years. Somebody just got out a shrink gun.

I'd like to use that shrink gun now and make at least a few of them little again.

Oh how I miss having babies around!

So pretty!


Marci said...

Emma needs a little bit of her hair trimmed because it's out of control, but I don't have it in me to cut it yet! When I do, I need to remember to save some of her hair! I love seeing how light my hair was as a baby, my mom kept some of the hair from my first haircut for my baby book!

Also, I LOVE the "blast from the past" idea! You've got lots you can share from your kids growing up, and almost all of it is new for us!

Anonymous said...

Awwwh she is sure cute, your children are very very cute and sweet..I get my baby crush on with my friends grands having babies now I get to hold them, diaper them and rest with them they sure are little angels, growing bigger each day...I love it, our only is 36 and no fellow in sight let alone babies..It soothes me just fine, and I do enjoy rocking them after feeding them so their moms and dads can get out and about, they are lovely little angels on this earth just like all of your kids seem to be, happy Wednesday..ciaoX()

Denise said...

Beyond sweet.

LeAnn said...

Just very precious and treasured pictures. What a fun thing to do. I may try this one our family blog.
I have missed so much but I am back and will be reading my favorite blogs; like yours.
Blessings and hugs!

Shell said...

Awww! I love looking back on old pics! Scout had a lot of hair.


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