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May 10, 2014

Guest Blogger: Praying for Safety by Bossy

This is why we pray for safety. Today I took my boys and little siblings out to Tooele for a trip to the museum and so I could do a scheduled home visit for work. I knew there was construction on SR-201 so I didn't want to take it, but Gamer asked us to drop him some lunch at his new job so we ended up on 56W and 21S. 

After I had taken Gamer his lunch and filled up the car I felt a prompting to go into the gas station and buy the kids a sucker for the trip. We were already cutting it close to get to the museum before they closed at 3, but I knew the curator would stay late so we could see all the trucks. I took the minute to go inside and grab 5 suckers. 

We got back onto the 201 heading westbound in the barricade-lined one lane highway. As we came to the end of the construction, near the turnoff by the smelter I saw a sign that said bump, debris, and a truck blocking my view of the intersection. I slowed way down from the marked 50mph. I was grateful I did because it was easy for me to fully stop as 6 construction workers suddenly crossed the road. 

At the intersection I saw the debris was wreckage from a car blocking the eastbound lanes and the workers were running across a downed fence to a second car, invisible in a ditch to the right of the road. I realized that we had missed a serious accident by less than 45 seconds. 

An elderly driver approaching from the road by the smelter had misunderstood the lane change and had driven straight into oncoming traffic, hitting the car in front of us, sending it off the highway and into a ditch alongside the road. We didn't see the accident, but we were close enough that I know if I hadn't been prompted to buy those silly 20 cent suckers it would be my van in the ditch with a bunch of terrified and possibly injured children

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that guides us each day. I know the Holy Ghost prompts us to keep us safe from harm. I am grateful I listened and took the time to follow that still, small, voice. And I am grateful for blow-pops, the best 1.07 I have spent. 

The museum was really fun for the kids when we got there, even though we got into a little bit of a confusion of where it actually was by the Miller's Sports Park where Dog Walker got his accomplishment for the Cycling merit badge. We made it to the museum before three and we had the chance to explore and complete my boys accomplishment with the Fire Safety belt loop. We explored all the different fire trucks we had in the past in Utah. Dog Walker did some of the reading of the exhibits of the displays to the kids to help them learn about how the firefighting began and why there are some in Utah. 

At least fire safety does help us to learn a lot more about safety. If you pray for safety, the danger won't come to you. I'm just glad that I listened to the still small voice and took the time before that car crash happened. 


Denise said...

Good guest post.

Marci said...

I am so glad you followed the prompting! The spirit is a wonderful thing, and you are all safe! What a blessing!

Also, the museum looks like it is so cool!


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