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May 13, 2014

Paracord Bracelets for FHE

Sport has been trying so hard to finish all the Webelos pins before he turns 11 in June. He is down to just one left, the Craftsman. It's pretty hard! He has to build some wood projects, but he also has to make 4 other projects out of various materials that are not wood.

He has been attending his own Webelos den and Bossy and Gamer's group as well. Last week they made bracelets out of those tiny colored rubber bands. And tonight for FHE we tried our hand at paracord bracelets.

I had never heard of them until a few years ago, but apparently they can be used for wilderness survival since they contain a 6-foot rope. I bought a kit at Walmart that had enough supplies to make six of them. Actually I bought 2 kits so we would have enough for the kids and then I could pass the extras along to Bossy for her kids.

I hate to confess that they were harder than I thought they would be. The little kids needed tons of assistance and the middle ones did a lot of whining at first, but eventually we got the hang of it and we managed to get them finished.

I asked the Dog Walker to take a couple of pics for me so I could share our finished project with you. We can't put them on since they have to dry overnight. I think he took a picture of every one!


Denise said...


Marci said...

I've never heard of para cord bracelets. Good luck to Sport as he is trying to reach his goal! I'm impressed!

LeAnn said...

Oh my, that is a great project for scouting. I haven't heard of them. I will have to see if some of our grandchildren would like to do that at our upcoming reunion.
Blessings for the great idea!


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