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May 19, 2014

The Big Prize

I still have so much to tell you! The Dog Walker helped me out last night with our baseball game story. It was so fun! I was SOO sore this morning! I'm not sure he explained well enough that my sweetie pitched me about 100 balls that I popped into the field so the kids could practice catching flies. And that was after a brisk game of workup and 4 innings of a real game.

But I digress...

I really wanted to tell you about the Scouting Expo. After we finished our Girl Scout sleepover (we can talk about that tomorrow), my sweetie made the boys weed the garden before we could head out for the Expo. We got there just after lunch. There were so many booths! We split off into several groups. I took Scout, Curly, and Fajita to the rock-climbing booth. Bossy took the other kids in a different direction. After waiting in line for quite some time, the kids finally had their turn. Fajita and Scout each got about 5 feet up before they gave up and were done. Really!!

Curly was a bit more persistent. He was up about 8 feet when his helmet came off and they made him come back down. But after tightening it up, they gave him another chance. He got quite a bit higher than the girls. I was pretty proud of him!

We wandered other booths. Curly liked the blowup obstacle course. We built a little catapult, but Curly's favorite booth was the Army booth. They had big trucks to climb in and they were giving away all kinds of free things, water bottles, key chains, pencils, stuff like that. Curly loaded up everything and was so excited about it! Then he saw one of the guys in his fatigues carrying a couple of camo backpacks. He was so entranced that he actually asked the guy if he could have one.

The officer laughed and told him they were for a drawing but if he would hurry he could still get his name in. We hustled back to the army booth and I madly scribbled his name on the entry form. Then I grabbed a second one and entered my name. About the time I reached for the third paper, the Drama Queen came up with Prima Donna. Soon we were all entered, with a pact that the winner would definitely give the backpack to Curly.

Five minutes later they had the drawing. Drama Queen's name was pulled and Curly was so happy! They had him pose for pictures. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually joined the Army when he gets old enough. I'm sure they would be happy to know that their branding methods work. :)

Meanwhile, he has this awesome backpack I think is big enough to carry Baby Doll around in.

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Denise said...

Totally awesome.


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