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May 17, 2014

Not a Typical Friday

I know I tell you about my crazy days sometimes, but today was a rough one even for me.

I was up too late last night. I headed upstairs around 1:40 AM, but as I was trudging past the kids' bathroom I noticed that someone had spilled a bottle of red mouthwash all over the floor and counter. It took the Dog Walker and me about half an hour to get it all cleaned up. That was sort of the way my day began.

I fell into bed about 2:30, but at 3:09, Baby Doll was awake and moaning. I took her to the potty and finally settled her down. Thankfully it's Friday so the alarm didn't go off until 7:30, but I was awake before that. I sent the kids out the door a few at a time and I ran the last carpool at 9:30 for Crafty. Friday is her late start day.

After a quick minute on the computer and making a list, I headed for the first of 4 grocery store trips I would make today. I also made a trip to JC Penneys, but that was much later. I was trying to close the Tupperware party we had this week all during the day so I was fielding phone calls and answering questions. I was also coordinating with our film crew and getting ready for the book trailer film shoot.

I'm not going into any details on that other than we got it done after a little craziness in getting the bus in the right place and trying to gather all of our actors up. And Prima Donna had hair trauma... Filming took a little over an hour and then I came back to the house and tried to clean everything back up and leave for Sport's baseball game. I wanted to watch the first hour if I could and keep score. I came back just in time for the girls to begin arriving for the Girl Scout sleepover.

I gathered up Burrito and Curly and took them to their game along with the treats (because I'm the team mom). Sport's game was almost over by then and he and my sweetie joined us for the little boys' game. After the game (poor guys, they were trounced 16 - 2), I rushed back home to help clean up the cooking so that the girls could eat. Bossy and the Drama Queen did a great job helping the girls make teriyaki chicken and tempura veggies while I was at the game.

After we ate, I went into the office to do my Tupperware order while the girls headed outside for a few night games. We always make a quilt on our annual sleepover and I was really glad I took the time to set it up last night because it wouldn't have happened today.

I made one last trip to the grocery store at midnight to buy more cream cheese for the fruit pizza the girls were making. I still have piles of stuff to do, but the girls are watching a movie and it's 1:30 AM. Three nights in a row with about 4 hours of sleep each night is starting to take its toll on me. I'm definitely dragging a little and not nearly as fun as I could be.

I'm hoping a little sleep will fix that.
Or maybe more caffeine.


Shana M said...

I hear you!!!! And I only have one kid!!!

LeAnn said...

You need a nap for sure and I hope you get one. I do not know how you do all you do; you are all amazing. One does need to pace yourself and not get over worked or tired. Please take a sweet moment for your self and sleep.
Blessings to you!

Denise said...

Praying you can get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

How you manage to get stuff done is amazing and you must be touched by our Lord to have such a sweet disposition, it must be because you are an educated and loving human being, knowing full well that your precious children are only human beings and precious at that..You chose to be a wonderful Mother and you certainly are, you soldier on no matter what, you care about being present in your childrens lives and adore your sweet husband who cooks it seems to me like a chef with diabetes no less. You and your husband are committed human beings to being parents, not gal friends and boy friends to your children..If only other families could read your blog daily like I do they could learn real parenting and real commitment..I applaud you and pray for your body to keep going and doing and for some much needed rest when you can get it..have a most wonderful week ahead, your daughter Teach will be home in a flash and that in itself is a reason for great celebration, gratitude and your faith and your Lord will greatly BLESS YOU AND YOUR HUBS TOO!xxx()()() ciao!!!!!!


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