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May 15, 2014

Blast from the Past - Princess's 11th Birthday

Who filmed that anyway?!
You know, birthdays are just so easy to choose for Blast from the Past. I can go into these huge lists of pictures with thousands of individual shots and click on what I know is someone's birthday and immediately we have a good story. Although I must confess that I don't really even remember when Princess turned 11.
Pretty sure I let Princess decorate her own cake.

Is that bad?

You know, some birthday have significance, like when they turn 8 they get baptized and when they turn 12 they start in the Young Men or Young Women group. And 16 is always a great one, but 11? Who remembers that? Sorry Sport, I know you are turning 11 next month, but...

I do remember that Princess LOVED those pink sunglasses! Knowing her, she probably still has them somewhere in pristine condition. The other thing particularly noteworthy is that Princess' birthday is in September. Look at that amazing tan she has from the summer sun. She would have made an awesome California girl!

And one last thing I learned from this post is how easy it was to load the little (and I mean really little!) snippets of video I have saved. Although I must admit that I'm getting a little tired of watching Princess and Taco do the same movement over and over...

Hope you have a terrific Thursday!

Gym Rat and his silly beard.

Scout is just so stinking cute! And look at that little Sport... Aww!


Denise said...

Happy Birthday to dear princess.

LeAnn said...

What a fun blast from the past. Also, I received great comfort in that you couldn't remember every birthday. Sometimes, I feel so sad that I don't remember a lot of individual moments with my children. It seemed at times like I raised them as a group. Anyway, it is awesome that you are doing these past events.
Blessings for this one, at least I feel better.


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