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May 29, 2014

Guest Blogger: Mission Location Replacements by Elder Dog Walker

Kauri Sue Hamilton School
I've been asked to Guest blog again about my mission. This time I'm not going to change the subject about the mission and thinking I should talk about Sister Teach. This time, I'm going to talk about things happening on the mission. It was great to be serving a mission in the seminaries at Kauri Sue Hamilton in Riverton and Hartvigsen in Taylorsville. Unfortunately, it's been a lot of months ever since I've been serving in the seminaries at these schools. It's getting close to the summer and I've been praying to see of what I can do to continue to serve my mission. Hartvigsen has been giving offers of having summer classes and Kauri Sue Hamilton isn't having any summer classes. I want to serve at a different seminary or institute if Kauri Sue Hamilton is going out for the summer and I have to wait until Fall to go back. It has been great to serve a mission at Kauri Sue Hamilton and Hartvigsen, but my mission isn't over until January of 2015. I'm still going to have to continue to pray and ask Heavenly Father if he knows another seminary/institute I can serve to in the summer. Would any of you like to join me in praying to see of where I can serve at? If you do, then that would be great. Thank you for your support! :)
Hartvigsen School 


Denise said...

Good post.

LeAnn said...

I will send prayers for you to find a seminary to be at for the summer. You are doing a great work and I am sure there will be good things for you to do.
Blessings for you!


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