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May 4, 2014

Recognition of Excellence

Remember way back before Christmas when my Girl Scout troop made a tree and donated it to the Festival of Trees? Well, we used that project that took us many hours for the girls to earn their Silver Awards. The Silver is the second highest award a girl can earn as a Girl Scout and it comes with a beautiful silver pin.

So today was the Recognition of Excellence ceremony. All the girls were sent invitations weeks ago so that they could attend with one guest for free. The ceremony included lunch too! I knew a couple of weeks ago that even though she had earned her award, Crafty would be unable to attend. She and Princess and Prima Donna had a dance competition. today that kept them away. But I was still anxious to go and support the other girls in my troop including Fajita who was also receiving her Silver.

We arrived a few minutes early. The ceremony was at the downtown Hilton, so we were hoping it would be good. We picked up certificates and found a seat in the ballroom. I was with Gamer and Bossy and Fajita and we joined with some of the other girls in our troop to fill up a table.

Lunch was a disappointment although I enjoyed my salad and dessert. Who serves macaroni and cheese for a semi-formal luncheon?! After we were finished eating, we all moved into the Grand Ballroom so we could receive awards.

Gamer snapped some pics of the girls so I could share them with you. I was so proud of all of them! My own girls have received all of their higher awards, but this is the first time I have taken a whole troop through the Silver Award. It was a lot of work, but so much fun too!

Congratulations, girls! You are awesome!


Anonymous said...

The girls scouts of America should know of the mac and cheese entrée, that is just plain CHEAP AND UNFORGIVING! Your girls did not decorate that Christmas tree with cheap and unforgiving..It went for a good cause, I cannot for the life of me understand banquets with entrees with mac and cheese, for goodness sakes the food pantry I volunteer with 3 days to 4 days a week stopped making mac and cheese, it is not a good meal for hungry tummies..We use good food for great people who are starving and working many jobs to pay bills and mac and cheese is not a good meal..We usually have chicken, and or beef and pork, spuds, salads galore, veggies from local food sources, organic at that, biscuits raised at that with whole wheat included, desserts always fresh fruit for the kiddies and for the adults, jellow with fruits and stuff in them to be very tasty, blueberries last week, oh, I am so hurt they treated your girls and you like that, not much of a banquet and a thank you for their many skills assembling that Christmas tree, at least they got the pins which were hard earned and so so so deserved, Congrats to your troop and the girls for their outstanding contributions! ciao!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel R said...

Looks like a great celebration! Congrats to your girls! The mac and cheese is a disappointment, but if that was the biggest concern of the night it was probably a good night.

I'm somewhat new here, and trying to remember names. Fajita isn't on the Meet the Fam page, but I'm guessing she's in Gamer and Bossy's family from her name, yes?

Mom of 12 said...

Fajita is my grand daughter and Bossy and Gamer's oldest. I agree with you about the food. Not all that important. I think it's sad that they believe they are making the girls happy by serving something like that but it's a home made mac n cheese with a white sauce base and the girls wouldn't even touch it! I just hate seeing so much waste.

LeAnn said...

Wow, what an accomplishment. Even though the food wasn't the greatest it sounded like the event was.
Blessings for all you with these girls~

Denise said...



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