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May 22, 2014

Blast from the Past: Drama Queen's 17th Birthday

Drama Queen, Prima Donna, Crafty, Princess, Sport, Scout
The year was 2006. It had been a rough year for us. As I mentioned before, my mom passed away the end of June and we were still struggling with that one. We had not lost a close family member in 17 years and the kids and I were not dealing well with the change even though we didn't see my mom that often since she was on dialysis and in a care center.

Bossy was newly pregnant with Burrito and it was somewhere around that time that she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Expecting made it that much more difficult to get her sugars under control, especially with all the other stuff going on.

The Drama Queen was getting ready to start her senior year in high school. She had just finished up most of her last courses at SLCC so she could graduate from high school and with her Associates degree in the spring. Teach was already wrapped up in Marching Band for the season, remember, she was the Color Guard captain?

Bossy holding Taco and Scout
My sweetie and I gave the Drama Queen the car of her dreams that summer, a 2000 white Mustang. We got a good price on it and we decided that a little used car could be the gift for any of our children who were willing to work hard enough to be a New Century scholar. She absolutely LOVED that car!! I'm sure she has some pictures of it. Maybe she can sneak a few in for us.

I'll leave the story of its unfortunate demise for another time.

We were all hoping for a better happier beginning to a new school year. As it turned out, we got what we hoped for.

Princess gave me crap for leaving this as a cliff hanger, but good things happened in 2007. Burrito was born in February and although he spent some extra time in the hospital, all was eventually well.

Drama Queen graduated from high school and with her AS in English in the spring. She got a bunch of scholarships and picked her favorite one, SUU in Cedar City. We got to see her perform in several plays. I love watching her become a totally different character! She was definitely on her way to becoming the amazing adult we see today.


Anonymous said...

Hope your daughter with type 2 diabetes and pregnant did not have a difficult time of it???? you mention Burritto a lot and your daughter that is the mother of Burritto so everything is oky doky? birthdays fly right by they truly do. I am having one on may 24 and my 40th wedding anniversary is the 27th of May, cannot believe it is number 40! We married in a church in North Las Vegas and many in our families said it would never last, we are married 4 years shy of his sister my hubs and she had a church wedding (jewish) family, they did not like that at all, but my Mother in law was no mom and their father no dad, had 10 kids did not parent nor cook nor work the dad that is and it was a hard hard life..I read your blog daily and thank god their are people who are like you Sandy and Hubs too..Real parents, who work hard, clean, cook, religion and are there for your children, if others could do what you do for your kids, juvenile prisons would be empty..When one is a parent they are for the rest of their lives, really, anyone can have a baby, it takes a real LADY AND LOVER OF THE LORD AND A GENTLEMENT AND DADDY TO PARENT, that is my opinion...I love your blog and look forward to it daily, it makes my whole day and I do gather loads of tips from you..Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend, God's continued blessings and happiness showered to you and yours, TEACH will be home soon, what a joyous day that will be and your son Dog Walker what a shining example of God's love and your presence and love too!ciaoXXX()()()()XXX

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.

LeAnn said...

A very sweet post and some years can be hard; but then some blessings come. I am sure the new little one was one for sure.

Marci said...

That does sound like a really hard year! It is so fun to see what the kids looked like when they were younger! I tried doing some thinking, and I think drama queen and I are relatively close in age, it's fun to see where I fit in your family!


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