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May 21, 2014

Girl Scout Sleepover

I promised to tell you a little about our Girl Scout sleepover this year. I have hesitated because I didn't remember to take any pictures this time because I was running on empty in the sleep department.(Forgive me for posting pics of last year's sleepover...)

The girls arrived right on schedule at about 6:30 last Friday night. I took off for Curly's baseball game as soon as I was sure that Bossy and the Drama Queen had everything under control. As part of one of our badges, instead of ordering pizza this year, the girls were cooking dinner. It had to be an ethnic theme so we chose Japan. We had already spent some time doing Japanese crafts and planning our menu, so putting the food together was the last thing.

The girls spent considerable time chopping and slicing veggies for tempura. Bossy cut all the chicken and that made it pretty easy for the girls to turn it into teriyaki chicken. I walked back into the kitchen with my little ballplayer just as they were finishing up and I wasn't a bit sad about that. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to cooking and I was happy to turn the entire project over to the girls.

I was excited to taste the finished project and I wasn't disappointed. They did a great job! The girls loved the cream cheese wontons the best, but my favorite part was the veggies. Bossy even made a delicious dipping sauce.

When dinner was over and mostly cleaned up, the girls went back outside to play night games while I entered Bossy's very large Tupperware party into the computer. Her total sales number was over $1200 and she got a bunch of awesome free stuff, but it was still a lot of work to get everything ordered before midnight.

The girls eventually came inside and started a movie. Bossy turned the sugar cookie dough Princess made into a delicious fruit pizza. The girls had also brought treats and drinks, so there was plenty of food to gorge ourselves on. Some of the girls trickled into the living room to work on the quilt we had set up. The fact that they are getting older meant I could let them choose their own activities rather than have to plan every little minute of their time. I love that!

When the movie ended they migrated to the basement and set up another movie in the projector room. That seemed like a great time for me to go to bed. It was about 2:00 AM.

My alarm went off about 8:30 and the house was still mostly quiet. I heard Bossy in the kitchen gathering used cups and silverware and straightening up. When I got downstairs we started making crepes. We began that tradition with our very first sleepover about 10 years ago, crepes with fresh strawberries and bananas and cream cheese filling. Over the years the girls have started adding a little chocolate syrup and this year Nutella was introduced as a second option for the filling. The Drama Queen and I fried crepes for a couple of hours until everyone was satisfied.

Parents started coming and by 11:00, all the girls were gone.

I just love the Girl Scout program! It gives us the opportunity to have this kind of fun and learn things at the same time. It doesn't get any better than that. :)

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Denise said...

Fun times at your house.


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