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May 3, 2014

More Baseball

First I'm going to confess that I didn't take any pictures at the game tonight. It wasn't really my fault, everything was just TOO exciting! And I was keeping score...

Let's see, how much have I told you about baseball this year? You know that Curly is playing machine pitch and Scout is playing softball, but do you know that Sport is playing in the minor leagues? Our coach told me that he was the very first person chosen in the entire non-competitive league! Which is good, because he didn't want to play competitive. And I didn't want him to either. Not really...

So last year at his very last game, his coach came up to me and said, "Sandy, you know Sport can throw much better with his left hand. I think maybe you should invest in a different glove." I couldn't believe it! He had shown some nature toward being ambidextrous when he was little, but once he had chosen right-handed for most things, we just assumed the choice had been made. Apparently that's not true.

Now he throws left-handed and bats right-handed. And tonight he got to pitch! He has never been a pitcher before this year. His first inning a couple of games ago I like to tease him that he struck out six batters and struck two more. That is he hit them with the ball.

That wasn't the case tonight. He struck out three batters and didn't hit a single one or allow anybody to score. I was so proud of him! When he concentrates he can throw a strike every time. And tonight when it was his turn to bat he wanted to hit so badly that he pulled one out of the dirt on the fourth ball and smacked it toward left field. It was amazing! He managed to score and his team eventually won the game 13 - 3.

Man, I love baseball! Go Red Sox!! (I'll take some pictures next time, I promise!)


LeAnn said...

Oh this was a fun one. Baseball was really big when I was growing up. My Dad was the coach of the Richfield town team for years. My brother were all into baseball. I mainly just played under the bleachers. When I was older I loved to play softball and I still play a little basketball now and then.
He had a great successful game, I see. What a cute young man. Blessings!

Natalie Ockey said...

Baseball is the greatest sport in the world! And I can't agree more: Go Red Sox! (speaking of the Boston kind, of course!)


Denise said...

Fun times.


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