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May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Did you miss me? Drama Queen stepped up and posted yesterday because she knew I was taking a little break. It's been such a busy couple of weeks and I finally felt like I had a minute to relax. So let me tell you how I've been spending my time.

Thursday night was Princess' Dance Concert. She did a beautiful job and then rushed right off to her Youth City Council meeting. That left my sweetie and me free for a date so we went to Outback and enjoyed steaks with the gift cards the Gym Rat gave me for my birthday. It was delicious!! (Wish I had some right now...  but I digress..)

After we got home and the kids off to bed, I stayed up embroidering the hats for the Raingutter Regatta we are having for Pack Meeting on Tuesday. I got nine of the twelve done, but finally headed for bed around 4:00 AM to find that Baby Doll had climbed into my bed and ... well let's just say I had to pull off all the bedding and start over.

Friday dawned bright and early when the alarm rang at 7:30. Fortunately for me my sweetie was home and helped get the kids off to school. So I was able to sleep off and on until about 9:00. I checked Sport out of school and took him to the doctor at 10:00. Thankfully he had only bruised his elbow, not broken it.

I had Bossy's $1200 Tupperware party to pack out and help her deliver so that took most of my afternoon. Curly had a baseball game at 7:00.

Saturday was my day to tie up some lose ends. I finished the last of the hats and quickly did a bunch of mending that had been piling up. I emailed everyone about the Beach Party for the 5th grade that we are having on Thursday. It's for 3 classes and I'm the head mom for one of them. The girls had a library meeting and we were able to finally get feedback on the Book Trailer we made last week. The librarians loved it just as much as we did! I'm so excited to be able to show it to you in a few more days. They have to add a bunch of official type headings and stuff to it first.

I sewed the binding on the quilt we made at the Girl Scout sleepover and we called Bossy to see if they wanted to play softball with us. They were up to their elbows in strawberry jam but agreed to come for a little while. We played for a couple of hours and then we all went to the Village Inn for dinner.

It was late when we got home so Bossy brought her 6 flats of strawberries back to our house to finish them up. Our little army can accomplish amazing things when we all work together. All told we ended up with about 65 quarts of strawberry jam. And that took almost 75 lbs of sugar. I know, disgusting, huh?! We managed to watch both Johnny Lingo movies while we were working.

But it also meant another late night. I crawled into bed about 3:00. My nephew's homecoming was this morning at 11:00 in Orem so I was able to sleep in until about 8:45 which was nice.

We went to their sacrament meeting, then a family party and then we rushed back and attended our second two hours of meetings. Then it was run back to the house again to quickly change our clothes and run back to Lehi for our niece's graduation party.

We got home again about 8:00 and five minutes later, our home teacher showed up. After that we quickly assigned jobs and got things cleaned up so we could watch the final episode of Granite Flats. I really like that show. It is on KBYU and they film it in Utah. You know we aren't TV-watchers here, so that's saying something. We also managed to fold all the laundry I had been washing all week during that hour.

And now I'm back here in the office, rambling on and on about the craziness of my life. Tomorrow we will go to the cemeteries and remember our ancestors because that is my favorite part of Memorial Day.

Hope yours was fantastic! What did you do?


Denise said...

Enjoy your Memorial Day.

Anonymous said...

Wow we don't have any strawberries ripe or to be picked, tooo much rain in our neck of Washington state, but the farmers say it won't be soon..Would love to have the recipe your daughter and you make sounds great..Our outback is super spendy and an e-coli scare in Portland Oregon, we won't be going there to eat anytime soon it was big and I don't trust their water system, we live a river away, we stay in our town for all holidays, live next to retired police and sheriffs from the east coast, top time for burglaries and breakins...oh, my goodness, your schedule of running to important events is something else..take care of yourself..how is your finger doing? ciaoX()

LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh is there any rest for you my dear friend. I just can't even imagine how busy you are and were. 65 jars of jam; wow that is an accomplishment.
I can only say one thing; you are amazing.
Great blessings for you for all you do.


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