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May 14, 2014

More from Teach in Texas

We had an amazing hour on Sunday talking with Teach on the phone! The only problem is that I can't seem to remember specifically anything she said that I can share with you. Other than the basic idea that she is well and happy and content to finish out her mission with honor. When we visited with her at Christmas I didn't get that impression. She was upset and teary the entire time. We didn't see any of that this time. She was wonderfully poised and in control of her emotions the entire time, kind of like when we dropped her at the MTC so long ago.
Pre-mission pics, Baby Doll and Teach

It truly is such a blessing to be able to hear your voice and to know that you are supporting me. (: I'm so glad that I got to talk to y'all for once when I wasn't dying of home sickness. Although I miss y'all that phone call was SO much better because I was able to enjoy the blessing it was and not hold onto every minute as if I would sink when I let go. Wow. That sounded uber dramatic, but that is really kinda how I felt in December. That was a hard time for me. I feel so much better now. (:

Only 3 months to go and she is working hard in so many ways. One of her biggest goals when she left on her mission was to not gain any weight. So many missionaries come back with an extra 20 lbs because the members are so good to them and they get great meals all the time. And you know Texas, everything is bigger and better in Texas! Well Teach wanted to get better, but not bigger. It sounds like she is doing a great job at sticking to that goal.

My diet is going pretty well actually. We eat with members basically every day so if I just eat healthy at home... it works out. I'm eating raisin bran crunch with almond milk for breakfast and I usually eat a spinach salad with strawbs, almonds, and craisins for lunch. (: And a yogurt with strawbs and a bit of granola as well. Then I eat what the member gives us without seconds and then I eat the dessert. It works pretty well for me. I still love desserts but I also love the feeling of when I'm in control. It's interesting how quickly I can lose control and turn myself back over to the natural man. It sounds so dramatic, doesn't it? But I've learned an awful lot about my body especially the last two transfers.

We got into a little religious discussion about some of the stories from the Holy Bible. At the risk of being a little too personal, I'll share with you first her take on it and then mine.

President says that commandments are the secrets to happiness and we will NEVER be unhappy because we kept a commandment. I know that is a true principle. Also... the story of the laborers has always been hard for me too. Along with the prodigal son. Yet, there is truly a principle to be learned... we are blessed to avoid the heart ache. There is enough heart ache in this world to not heap more upon ourselves by breaking the commandments. 

The story of the laborers used to bother me as did the prodigal son. When I was younger I just went about assuming life was supposed to be fair. It's not. And I'm so glad!! We have a much better life than most people. So many moms have lost their children to disease of disobedience. I still have all of you. Dad has a good job. Lots of people don't. Heavenly Father knows what we can handle and he loves us completely just like I love you. Probably more because he understands love better than I do. Although it's hard to see that. I love Him. I trust Him. He wants me to be happy and my happiness is not predicated on whether my neighbor gets a better reward than me. I know Heavenly Father will give the best gift for me. Because He knows me completely. He loves me eternally. He is my God, my Father.
Who has changed more? Baby Doll or Teach?

I loved her response to my testimony. 

Thanks for sharing that mama. (: I love hearing your testimony. I always know that it is there. Yet i still love to hear (or read) it. I just wish... everyone knew this doctrine. It is so true. I find a lot of comfort in knowing and trusting God loves me perfectly and He knows exactly what will happen to me. I learned in my studies this week that this is called meekness. I never really knew what meekness was... but that's basically it. (:
Here. I'll find a talk to back me up.

Then she sent me a link to a talk on lds.org. It took her about 30 seconds. I'd like to say that I could find anything I wanted that quickly, but it wouldn't be true. She is a wonderful, amazing missionary.

And she will be home in just 13 short weeks.


Denise said...

Such a sweet blessing.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet daughter on fire for the Lord and her faith, it will serve her in her life and is a beacon to her familia and siblings tooooo. You must be so very proud of her, she is doing well and is growing at a phenomenal rate..Her life is getting and will be getting only better, she will go to graduate school and meet a nice gentleman who has done his mission and kaboom she will fall hard and him too a nice wedding will happen, all because she sacrificed for her faith and God rewards those who do so, I am not of your faith but admire it greatly, it is a decent, God loving, spiritually pure faith that teaches it members to honor God and its teachings and their lives are happier because of it!

Natalie Ockey said...

I can't believe that she is going to be home in 13 weeks. That is SO soon!

Anonymous said...

It makes me curious as to why Teach uses "(:" for the smiley face ":)" that I am so used to seeing

Mom of 12 said...

I don't know. It's weird, huh?! My sweetie thought for the longest time that they were frownie faces because she does them backward.

LeAnn said...

Wow, I can hardly believe she only has 3 months left. Of course, from a Mom experience that last few weeks seemed the longest. She is an awesome missionary. It is so fun to see them grow on their missions.
As for dieting; I know a lot about that one.
When I was the mission nurse for the Spokane Washington mission, I helped any of the Elders or Sisters that wanted to learn to eat less of good foods.
I also started a program where the RS Presidents were asked to not have as much food available for 2nds at leased. Plus choose maybe three day out of the 7 for desserts. The President was very supportive of this as were the Elders and the Sister. However, some of the RS sisters were upset by the idea so I got a bit of flack. Our Stake President one day asked me how it was going and he just reminded me; "Don't miss with Mormon Women's cooking.
Loved this one and blessings to you both for a great missionary moment.


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