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May 2, 2014

Almost Done

We are almost done. With the semester, I mean. The Dog Walker has been working so hard to get good grades and finish out well. He has 100% in his Multicultural Education class and that is his final score!

He has five classes this time and he will likely get an A grade in 4 of them with a B in math. And that is assuming he does well on his math final. Math has never been his best class. It's always been a struggle. I thought that was something unique to his personality until one day when he was writing a report.

He looked up some information on a famous Autistic person, Temple Grandin. She has several degrees from universities and she also is a professor in Colorado. The Dog Walker admires her very much and with good reason. She is a shining beacon of success for these kids with similar problems.

Anyway, she said that when she took Algebra, she was forced to hire a tutor or she would never have finished college. She never had to take Math 1050 to graduate. Her thoughts are that people with Autism have a difficult time understanding concepts that are not concrete. That's certainly true with the Dog Walker.

He has to take Math 1050 for his education major. He is just finishing 990. Then in summer semester he has to take 1010 and then for fall it will be 1050.

And then he will graduate.
That is the plan.
But first he has to pass 990.
I'll keep you posted.


Denise said...

Wishing everyone much luck.

Anonymous said...

You can do it Dog Walker!!

Anonymous said...

The fact your son works, goes to school, is a wonderful loving human being, will graduate all with an autism spectrum is FABULOUS in and of itself...It is because of you MOM!!!!!!!!!!! If others would work with their children NO MATTER WHAT, they can accomplish much and be the master of their lives..Temple Granden is an outstanding human being, her mother knew she was extraordinary and NEVER EVER GAVE UP SHE PUSHED FOR HER DAUGHTER TO ACCOMPLISH A LOT, SHE KNEW HER INSIDE AND OUT AND KNEW SHE COULD BE A WONDERFUL WONDERFUL EDUCATED PERSON WHO GIVES MUCH STILL IN OUR WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to you for all you do and will do to make sure your son completes what he needs to complete, he has a Mission to boot, many don't do that without any autistic spectrum..I live in a neighborhood of many LDS families only a fraction ever go on a Mission and it is to their benefit to do so as GOD WILL BLESS THEIR LIVES FOREVER AND HELP THEIR FAMILIES TOO in that they are shining light on fire for God usually for the rest of their lives..how can that not be a shining light??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read daily your blog what a Mother you are and a husband who is a Father too, if only others could have parents such as you both are. Back to your son what an outstanding person he is, CONGRATULATIONS TO HIM, SOON HE WILL BE GRADUATED AND ON HIS WAY IN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeAnn said...

I think it is so wonderful that is going to school and doing so well. What a marvelous young man he is.
Our blind granddaughter has autism too. She isn't high functioning but she does some incredible things with numbers. If you give her your birthday she will tell you the day that it will be on for that year. It is truly amazing.
Blessings for your sweet son.


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