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Apr 30, 2014

Guest Blog: The First Book of Mormon Given by Elder Dog Walker

I've been asked to guest blog again about my mission. There is something amazing that happened that may not be related to helping with the students in the seminaries, but this will be like the best one you'll hear. I'm almost done with the Spring semester of college and I'm looking forward for a break from that craziness. If it'll make you cry with happiness, I suggest you prepare a tissue for that.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you what happened on Monday last week. I was in my reading class and a classmate named Stephanie and I were doing our book interviews on the Book of Mormon. One African American student named Satiq felt very interested to hear about what Stephanie and I believed in. He was asking questions about how the Book of Mormon was compared to the Holy Bible.

We then told him about it and he then asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon. I had six copies in my backpack, because Mom challenged me and Sister Teach to try to meet somebody who would feel seriously interested in the Book of Mormon and the church.

I was feeling a bit excited to give him the first copy of the Book of Mormon with the picture of the family and the testimony that we said in it. I've been praying for Satiq to learn and know that the church is true. I was hoping by the Monday of this week, Stephanie and I would see him and see if he'll testify to us that he knows that the church is true. Unfortunately, he never came. I was a bit disappointed that he didn't show up, but I'm still having faith and praying that he will understand and know that this church is true.

I'm hoping that will happen, because it makes me feel like I want to know Satiq understands the church more and how it can change his life and help him live it happily. I've learned that it takes patience to find a person who feels seriously interested in the church. I'm hoping I'll still continue to do that, even if it'll take a while to find a good person.

Sister Teach's doing the same thing as I've been trying to do. Help a few groups of families to see if the church will change their lives. About Sister Teach, there's only sixteen weeks left for her to come home from her mission, and I'm planning to wear my name badge and suit and she and I will take a picture of the both of us wearing our missionary name tags.


Denise said...

Nice post.

Marci said...

Wow! What a great challenge for you and Sister Teach! I am so proud of you for giving a Book of Mormon to Satiq. That can be such a blessing for him! Hopefully he takes the time to read the testimony written in it, and to read from The Book of Mormon on his own. If he is ready, and does, he will come to know on his own that it is true! It may take a long time before he gets there, but you did a great thing by sharing The Book of Mormon with him!

I think I am going to write my testimony in a copy of The Book of Mormon, and include a picture of my family. I will put it in our diaper bag so that it is with me always, and I will look for an opportunity to give it away to someone who may be ready for it. You are setting a great example!



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