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Apr 17, 2014

Monster Concert

Have you ever been to a Monster Concert? The theory is simple. Our elementary school bands are small and they don't have equal numbers of instruments, and sometimes the school productions are a little weird. So they bring together all the little bands and combine them into one large program called a Monster Concert.

Sport happens to play the trumpet in our elementary school band. This is his second year and he is pretty good. Taco is in his school band as well and he plays the clarinet. He has struggled with his instrument and his fingers are too small to cover the holes, but both were involved in the concert.

Bossy and I had Burrito and Curly at baseball practice just down the street from the high school where the concert was scheduled to be held. Unfortunately, practice went a little long and it was 6:53 as we scrambled to make it on time.

As we were half-running, half-walking across the crazy busy parking lot, Curly commented between breaths, "I'm tired!" I definitely agreed!

We got inside and found our seats about one minute before it started. Not much time, but close enough.

The Star Spangled Banner was the first number and they did a great job! Things went a little downhill from there, but they finished strong on the last two songs. Remember, they only had a few hours this afternoon to practice together. Curly fell asleep during the second song.

My favorites were Star Wars (a song I played in our Jr. High band), and Let's Go Band, a local favorite played by every elementary school band in Utah.

I was so proud of our boys and their willingness to try and I love that they are learning to read music and be part of something much bigger than themselves. We will definitely be back next year.

Let's go band!!


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