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Apr 27, 2014

Girls' Pref

Princess had a date to Girls' Pref today. Drama Queen came home to help her get ready. It was a costume dance so she decided to have them dress up as Danny and Sandy from the movie, Grease. They turned out so cute!

I just love the look on my sweetie's face in this first pic. He's like "There's no way I'm letting my sweet little girl out in public looking like this hottie she has turned out to be!"

Or how about this one, "Quick, Sport, shut the door! We aren't letting her get away!" We should seriously have a caption contest on that one. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

She's too beautiful to walk out in that!

Denise said...


Cindy said...

Those are great costumes! (Beth is going to be in a production of Grease later this summer. She plays Frenchy.) :)


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