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Apr 3, 2014

Letters from Teach in Texas

I never get tired of hearing about my sweet girl on her mission in Texas! I hope you don't either. I actually got to email with her for almost 2 hours this week. I'm not sure why, but I'm not going to complain! She is in such a happy place right now. Well, don't take it from me, when I asked her if she had a good week, she said:

yes ma'am! (: It was fabulous. We didn't have a baptism, but we should anytime between now and April 12th. (: Nick told his mom and she wants to come (which is wonderful news) His grandma came to church with him yesterday. Totally Irish Catholic but she is so sweet. She even signed up to feed us and she wants to read the Book of Mormon. (: So many cool things with that. Nick is awesome. (: We had our first real lesson with him and it was filled with the Spirit - he is so committed to this- and when we got in the car the CD turned on full blast and played The Hallelujah Chorus! (: It was one of the funniest yet most accurate moments of my mission. (: 

I don't believe she has ever called me ma'am in her entire life. Must be a Texas thing, because we sure don't hear it much in Utah unless it's from a cashier or something. One thing Teach has definitely gained is a clearer understanding of the scriptures.

Mmmm... Well, that scripture is just one that is always in my mind. I read it again this morning so it was in the forefront of my mind, but yeah... they just float around in my head.  One of the gifts the Lord has blessed me with for being a missionary is the ability to understand the scriptures. I just have this beautiful data base that the Spirit pulls on when I need them. I read the scriptures a lot though and I have prayed for the Lord to help me retain- and He has. (: I really hope I can continue to keep these scriptures in my mind when the mantle is taken away. I actually am working to memorize scriptures. 

I think it might be a part of my gift of organization. I can't really... explain how, but my brain has organized the scriptures in a visual way and it just retains things. I remember the first time my mind caught a hold of that scripture was when Sister Ames shared it during a devotional. Then I just....remember it when I need to stand still. 

But this is my favorite part of what she shared with me this week. I hope it's not too personal for her because I thought it was super cool.

So yesterday was Fast Sunday. I LOVE Fast Sunday. SO much. (: As I was closing my fast I was praying and praying and pondering and praying and pondering again. (it's a process (: ) and near the end I was on my knees and I had asked the Lord what He would have me know. Then I listened. I cleared my mind and just waited. It was interesting because I could sense that the Spirit was shuffling through my memories. Like I imagine it like an office filled with many filing cabinets, drawers, and files. He was looking for exactly what He wanted to place in my heart. These are the phrases and things that came to my mind... in this order and in these exact words.
  • This is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.
  • Onward Christian Soldiers... with the cross of Jesus going on before. 
  • Everything is gonna be alright, rock-a-bye
  • Good job, Kiyna!
  • He lives! All glory to His name, He lives my Savior still the same, Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives, I know that my Redeemer lives!
  • Count your many blessings
  • We can be together forever (song from a really cheesy missionary video)
  • Your family past, present and future are rooting for you.
  • Your work is pleasing and is affecting generations.
These are the exact thoughts. It is so cool to me to see what the Lord draws on (: Then at the end of my fast as I was walking out of the room... very clearly the phrase came to my mind, "thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou shalt be blessed." I now know that these aren't just the workings of my mind but these are words put into my heart by the Spirit. That's so cool!  

I think I need to try a little harder when I fast. :)


Denise said...

Many blessings to Teach.

Natalie Ockey said...

It definitely makes me want to try harder when I fast, too. Thanks for sharing...that is amazing!


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