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Apr 24, 2014

Living at the Ballpark

My life has changed drastically over the past two weeks.

First they put my sweetie in charge of a project at work, so I hardly ever see him. And second, baseball/softball season started! I have been at the ballpark every night this week. Curly had his first game on Monday night so we took all the kids for FHE to support him. He played a great game! If I could just get him to pay attention all the time when he is in the infield...

I think I told you I managed to get myself assigned to be the Team Mom for his team (a job I have carefully avoided since the Gym Rat was 9 years old). Baseball is not as bad as football, but it is still tons of work. But that is probably a whole different post...

Anyway, Tuesday night was Pack Meeting and all the prep that goes with that, but Scout also had a softball game so after setting things up for my sweetie, she and I took off for the park and showed back up at the church just in time to eat a cupcake and help clean up.

Last night Curly had an early game (thank goodness!) and I had everything planned right down to the second so that I wouldn't be late to Sport's band concert. Then our coach called me about half an hour before the game to say that he had given out the wrong location for the field and we were going to Draper which is about 3 miles further away on the other side of the freeway, adding about 10 minutes to the drive. Now I had issues!

After a bunch of phone calls, we managed to get all our players to the right field before the game started. I had to stop by the regular field and pick up the scorebook since that is one of my Team Mom duties. Curly was the lead-off batter (I think because he wears the shirt with the number 1 on it). The pitching machine was shooting them a little faster than Monday and most of the boys were striking out on both teams.

By the top of the sixth and final inning, neither team had scored. I told Bossy I had to leave at 6:30 and she would have to take over the scorebook and finish out the game. Then Curly's team went on a hitting spree and before we knew it bases were loaded. It was 6:33. I wish I could say that Curly or Burrito was the hitter that brought in our single winning run, but that's not the case.

As soon as our boys headed back to the field for the final half of the inning, I hoofed it to the van.... quickly!! I worked the phones, making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be and ready. Princess and Prima Donna were already at the high school. Crafty was dressing Scout and Baby Doll for the concert while getting ready to leave for her Young Women's group. The Dog Walker already dropped Sport at the school and brought Scout from dance and was waiting impatiently to take Crafty to the church before he went to his choir class.

Sorry. Band pics turned out so dark. 
They were all waiting on the front lawn when I pulled in at 6:53. The two little girls hopped in my car and Crafty and the Dog Walker climbed into his and we were all off. We got to the concert with about 3 minutes to spare. Grandpa showed up with about 1 minute to spare and my sweetie who came directly from work got caught in traffic and missed the first two songs.

Bossy showed up a few minutes later with Burrito and Curly. What a crazy evening!! Sometimes things work out but barely.

And tonight will be no better. Scout's game starts at 6:30.

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Denise said...

I love the ballpark.


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