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Apr 4, 2014

Guest Blog: Seminary General Conference by Elder Dog Walker

I remember that I was asked to write a Guest-blog about the Seminary kids. Well I found some good pictures of them. These kids are very sweet. I hope that there are certain ones that you think are great.Most of these students sit in wheelchairs. It's great to push them to and from Seminary, because it feels like I'm loving them when I do it and it feels like Heavenly Father and Jesus are taking care of them. (This is the Riverton seminary. I'll talk about the Taylorsville Seminary next time).

Anyway, I wanted to talk about an amazing thing that happened at the Riverton seminary yesterday. Since this weekend, it'll be General Conference, the managers at the seminary thought that it'd be great to get the kids prepared for General Conference this weekend by presenting videos of General Conference and to explain to them that it will be a great opportunity to watch and learn.

Some of the kids in the seminary were very excited to watch General Conference this weekend. I've been praying that these kids will understand the church and General Conference and to learn that it will lead to happiness. Some of the prayer has been answered and I hope that it'll answer the rest before I know it. They even asked me to bear a testimony to them and to help them to know that the church is true and that President Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet and that General Conference will be a great meeting to watch on TV or in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City.

I hope that you enjoyed it!


Marci said...

Wow! I'm sure the kids love having you there, even if they can't tell you that! You are setting such a great example to them all! I hope they are able to watch General Conference and feel the spirit as they watch! I hope you enjoy conference as well, Elder Dog Walker!

Corine Moore said...

Seminary and General Conference are BOTH fabulous; what a combination! PS. Awesome opportunity for service! :D

Denise said...



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