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Apr 22, 2014


I'm sure I've told you before what wonderful neighbors we have! Well, they came through for us again.

Sport has been stressing the fact that his Cub Scout career is nearly over. He still has so many things he wants to accomplish before his birthday in June.

 He was thinking he wanted to earn all the rest of the belt loops. He only has about 10 more, but since he doesn't know how to skate, the hockey one would be pretty hard. And since we don't know anyone with a pommel horse, I think gymnastics is unlikely. But I do want to support him as much as possible.

His other goal is to pass off all 20 activity badges for Webelos. He still has 2 more to go, but I think he will be good to get them over the next two months along with his Arrow of Light.

Anyway, back to my awesome neighbors...

I called my friend, Lori, to see if she would be willing to let us use her pool so Sport could pass off the Aquanaut badge. He is a pretty good swimmer, but not really used to swimming distances like the badge required. Lori told us to take all the time we needed, so on Thursday morning we headed for the pool. It took us about 45 minutes to get him through all the requirements and then we spent another hour just playing in the water.

It was a fantastic way to spend the first day of our spring break! And one less badge to worry about.

Now, if I just had a friend who owned an ice rink...

Princess and her super-model pose


Denise said...

I love swimming.

Sharon Byrum said...

For the Ice Rink and for the "pommel" (Local gymnanstics centers)don't underestimate local business. I would give them a call and explain what your son is trying to do and they might accomodate him. Or...at least give a discounted price on use. It never hurts to ask.

He has an admirable goal...and I hope he reaches it.


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