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Apr 11, 2014

Letters from Teach in Texas

I can't believe how quickly the time is whizzing by! Teach will be home before we know it. She had a pretty rough week, but woke for General Conference with a song in her heart and a spring in her step.

Life's pretty rough sometimes, but it's all gonna be ok in the end.
If I had to find a visual representation of my week it would probably look like the Texas Star roller coaster at Six Flags. It's been crazy. BUT. Conference is wonderful. And I am happy.
And we have a baptism tonight. (:

 When I questioned her about the trauma, she gave me more positive, upbeat stuff, so I'm sure she is really OK.
But I am happy mom. We truly had a hard week. I was strengthened for a lot of it because my companion was really struggling- but then when she was better I felt like I'd lost my strength. I was frustrated because I knew that I was being righteous. But the Lord simply took it as an opportunity to teach me. Because I felt pretty bleak on Friday when I woke up on Saturday with a hymn in my mind and a skip to my step I was gloriously joyous. The stark contrast taught me so much about the Lord letting us go through trials so we can appreciate the good times as well as the sad times. The Lord never ever leaves. But he often allows us to experience mortality. The song that was in my heart was sung at conference. (:
"Fear not though the enemy deride. COURAGE for the Lord is on our side! We will heed not what the wicked may say, but the Lord alone we will obey!" Such a fabulous song. (: Made my little heart soar. (:

She shared some of her personal goals with me and I want to share a few of them with you.

One week:
daily read BOM - 15 mins
10:30 bedtime.
5 new contacts each day
pray to spot the needs for service and write them down (even if I don't do them)
10 min piano practice
15 mins study PMG
Check my music and purge anything unnecessary (I don't think there is much- but I'll do it)
One transfer (may 31)
Spend 1 week on each lesson in PMG
hand out 6 personalized bom
keep meals to 1 hour and planning to 30 mins
I need to figure out how to use my scanner so I can give you new pics.

always seek opportunities to bear testimony publicly
My mission (Aug 21)
Finish D&C
use scriptures in every lesson
bear testimony of Christ and Joseph Smith daily. (multiple times daily)
Help 4 souls be baptized
Play Called to Serve on the piano
6 Months (Oct 5-6)
Find one friend to invite to talk to missionaries
100% Visiting teaching
daily read BOM 15 mins at least
Read Matt, Mark, Luke and John
Next ordinance and family mission game plan with family
Fast correctly every month
Bear strong testimony of the Resurrection
Go on a date
Go to the temple every 2 weeks when I'm home

It doesn't sound like she is planning to stop being a missionary just because she comes home and is released. I look at these goals and I wish she would have added a few more "dates." But then she will just  find the perfect Mr. Right, get married, and leave me again...
I guess I can live with that. :)


Denise said...


Anonymous said...

She is still on fire for your LDS church she will never not be, changed only for the better..She is basically doing God's work for your faith, she will never stop doing that, she is an amazing young lady! God will bless her doubly and bring her a mate with the same love of the LDS faith and on fire for the lord too..How happy you must truly be and your husband too, no matter her master's degree program and whatever she will pursue she is truly truly changed on fire for her faith and the Lord for her entire life, not many kids get that in their missions, most get changed but your daughter truly emphasizes her faith it will guide her daily in her life and be a very wonderful life..She is young it will serve her for entire life, it also shows her siblings what she is doing and how it will transform their lives if they chose to follow for a mission..God's blessings to teach and to you and your hubs and your entire family, thank you for the updates! she will be home soon, ciao X()

Marci said...

I love to hear about Teach! One of my nephews just got his mission call a week or two ago (I have no sense of time right now, and I've thought every day this week was Wednesday...) and my sister-in-law is on her mission right now, so it is fun to be thinking about them and the changes they can make in their lives as they serve!

I totally chuckled when I saw "go on a date" and loved your comment about that goal. You definitely want her to just go on "a" date for a while after she gets home so she'll be around longer!! My brother-in-law is single and has a year left at BYU-I... he's a great guy :)


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