May 1, 2022

Scout's Baby

 Ha! Scared you, didn't I? I should have said Scout's electronic baby.

It's been a rough weekend considering how much Scout was looking forward to having her electronic baby for her Adult Roles class. These babies are a little crazy to care for. They cry in the middle of the night and only the "mama" can code them to help them settle down. Scout had some rules to follow, like the fact that she had to take her baby to a public place. So she showed up in our nursery class at church. 

Only one of our little guys even took any interest in her and maybe that is because his mom is expecting his little sister soon. So I guess Scout's public appearance was pretty easy. 

She did take her to our troop meeting on the one time we happened to have it at someone else's house... she ended up out in the car "feeding" her baby more than once.

This is such a great program for these kids! It helps them understand more fully the responsibility that comes with being a mom so they aren't surprised by the hard stuff. I highly recommend this class to everyone. I remember taking it myself way back in the day. We didn't have these amazing electronic babies...we just had to keep a raw egg alive for an entire week of school...

Not really sure which one of us had the more difficult task.

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Dog-Walker said...

That's easy for you to say, because I never took that class.