Sep 28, 2021

Random Sport Stuff

While Sport is busy preparing for his mission in North Dakota, I have been busy too. I finished his scout blanket.
Helped him buy a bunch of new mission clothes.
Yeah, he is way taller than his dad now.
I embroidered his initials in all of his shirt tails... he has two blue button up shirts... crazy changes!

I still have his jeans to hem. Can you believe that he hasn't worn jeans since he was a cub scout?!
But my favorite is this beautiful little photo album that I paid way too much for but that I'm hoping will bring him comfort when he is hundreds of miles from home.
Home MTC starts on Monday. The countdown begins...

Sep 27, 2021

GIVEAWAY: Space Jam - A New Legacy

Remember a couple of months ago when we had the amazing opportunity to take our entire family to see the new Space Jam movie? We had SO much fun! I love pretty much anything with a good basketball game in it and Space Jam - A New Legacy definitely has one of those. That's one of the reasons we were so excited to hear that on October 5, 2021, Warners Bros. is releasing Space Jam: A New Legacy on 4k, Blu-ray, and DVD. 

It will be available pretty much everywhere including on the Movies Anywhere app. You can also buy a digital copy. I can't wait to see the extras including what is sure to be some exciting deleted scenes. We are getting a free copy for helping spread the word and they are willing to give one away to one of you too!

All you have do is leave a comment on this post before midnight on Monday, October 4, 2021. The winner will have their copy shipped directly.

Thank you so much for playing! You will seriously love this family-friendly movie.

Sep 25, 2021

Cupcake Club

The past year was difficult for the Cupcake Club because of COVID. As much as Sport tried to get it off the ground, a virtual Club is difficult to run.

Things are still a bit dicey here in Utah, but clubs are running, so Scout did her first showing as the new Cupcake Club president. She and Taco made more than 300 mini cupcakes for the Homecoming tailgate party.
Here's to another great year!

Sep 23, 2021

A Special Day for Sport

We had a very special day with Sport yesterday. We attended the Oquirrh Mountain Temple yesterday where he made and received sacred Covenants with God.
It was a beautiful day.

Sep 22, 2021

Party, Party, Party!!

I forgot to tell you about the party! 
After we left the church, we all came back to the house to eat my sweetie's delicious sweet rolls and a bunch of other yummy treats. 
While we visited, my sweetie fired up the smoker and filled it with marinated chicken breasts.

Soon all of our guests who weren't our children were off for other Sunday activities. 

Then we started food prep in earnest. We chopped melons, peeled peaches, and served my sweetie's amazing peach salsa. 

The kids brought in more tables while the littles played with the Tonka trucks.

Some of them got really silly!
Others were so excited for Grandpa's (my sweetie's) corn straight from the garden that they ate it raw.
Finally, about 2:00, we settled down for lunch.
The food was awesome! Then it was time to celebrate our September birthdays. Grandpa and Princess were the only 2 here and Grandpa opened all his gifts last week, so Princess made a big deal over hers.
Such a great day. Say goodbye, Duchess. 

Sep 21, 2021

Sport's Mission Farewell

As you know, Sport has been busy preparing for his mission to North Dakota. He starts Home MTC on October 4 and then goes to the MTC in Provo on October 13. 

Yesterday, he spoke at church in front of family and friends. He was awesome!
Things are happening SO fast!

Sep 19, 2021

South Jordan Summerfest part 2

I hadn't planned to spend my Saturday night back at Summerfest, but Curly had 9 extra ride tickets and Little Warrior and Little Squire wanted to go, so when Bossy put on a little pressure, we all climbed in the car.

I just wanted to share a few more pics so you can see the fun!

Sep 18, 2021

South Jordan Summerfest

South Jordan does parties like no other place. Early on in the year, it looked like COVID was going to ruin summer for a lot of us.  Hoping and praying that things would be better in the fall, South Jordan moved their Summerfest celebration from June to September. 
When it turned out that social distancing was still needed, they used the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park so they could spread things out.
Scout was working a button-making booth along with some friends from Youth City Council, so of course we wanted to support her and enjoy the fun.
Curly took off to find some friends while Baby Doll and I looked around. It was fun visiting the mermaids.
We bought cotton candy and ice cream...
And played some carnival games while sipping diet rootbeer.
Curly finally rejoined us with some extra ride tickets, so we all got on the merry-go-round. 
Great job on the party, South Jordan!!

Sep 15, 2021

Happy Anniversary to Us!

The day after we returned from our amazing trip to Massachusetts, my sweetie and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary. 
We were both SO exhausted that we decided to keep things pretty low-key. Instead of going out, my sweetie smoked a tomahawk steak for us to share. 
I had never even seen one before, and it was so delicious! Maybe someday soon we will do as we had originally planned and use my gift certificate for an overnight stay.

It would be totally different from staying with the kids...

Sep 13, 2021

Traveling Together - Going Home

Thursday morning came all too soon. I was up late packing everything; just hoping we might be able to do something fun before it was time to go to the airport. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain outside. So sadly, the kids all sat down at the table to work on homework for an hour while I emptied the fridge and my sweetie packed the car.

We said "goodbye" to our little place and climbed into the car, but instead of heading for Boston, my sweetie turned toward the shore. Rain drenched everything and there were huge puddles (mini lakes) on the roads. It was impossible to avoid them and we giggled a little as the water splashed higher than the car. 

Soon we pulled into a beautiful little beach parking lot. The water was angry, crashing in on a couple of guys crazy enough to be trying to fish. We didn't get out of the car; and after about 10 minutes, we pulled back onto the slick roads.

A bit further along the road, we stopped at another pounding beach. We weren't the only car in the parking lot watching the water.

Another beach and our final destination was this beautiful little lighthouse. We only had a few minutes before we had to get back on the main road for Boston and the airport. 

Time to get back to the real world.