Jun 29, 2021

Camping With the Family

Remember I told you it was Sport's Birthday Weekend? When we asked him early on how he wanted to spend his birthday, he told us the only thing he wanted was to go camping....

CAMPING??? Are you serious??

Honestly, when our older kids were little, we could only afford camping so we did it several times every summer. Since we have gotten older, we tend to like to be comfortable and I have never used the words comfort and camp in the same sentence (until now). Needless to say, we haven't been camping in years. I'm not sure how many years, but Curly mentioned today that he never remembers camping with his family and he is 12...

I was not exactly sure what Sport was hoping for, but we started making plans. My sweetie recommended that we reserve the pavilion the guys went to for Fathers and Sons several years ago. It was very reasonable and exactly what we needed. Then we ordered cots for the three oldest people who live in my house. Honestly, I have trouble being comfortable in my own bed which is adjustable and covered with memory foam.

Camping with the family on the Birthday Weekend means way more than just the people in my house, so I put out a message on Slack and waited somewhat impatiently to see what my grownup kids would do. I had to prompt several of them (ask Crafty what it means when you get a text that simply says "slack"), but eventually, they were all on board. Not everyone planned to stay. Since we were Sunday night to Monday morning, that made it difficult for those who work and eventually, Beauty and The Beast and their littles as well as Crafty and Drama Queen all left without spreading a sleeping bag. They did stay well into the dance party and the older girls stayed until after the movie.

But I am getting way ahead of myself. We started Sunday morning with church and then Sport being ordained an Elder right afterward. That brought almost everyone to our house for lunch and then we left in various vehicles for the hour-long drive to Springville Rotary Park. My sweetie and I drove our van and Sport brought my car so we could carry the incredible amount of stuff it takes to go camping.

While everyone hung hammocks, set up tents, and got settled, my sweetie and I began staging the dutch oven dinner. Fortunately, Dog Walker gathered a crew to help him assemble our tent. After chicken stew and peach cobbler, games of ultimate frisbee and baseball, as well as some card games, my sweetie set up the movie screen. Crafty turned on some music and we all made wolf'ems.

Then it was time for a movie. Since we had so many little boys with us, my sweetie put on Cars. We hadn't seen it for years, but it was perfect for these little guys. Some of the adults stayed in the pavilion and played cards and others put their babies to bed. 

After the movie was over and midnight was looming large in the size of the moon, we made our way to our tents to sleep. The other parts had been so fun that we were all talking family reunion every year...

The night was not kind to us old people. Our cots were as comfortable as they could be, but the wind was noisy and my back was sore. My sweetie was up a couple of times with cramps in his legs...

Finally we got up around 6:00 am. My sweetie made bacon and eggs and Bean Dip took over my duties by making huge and delicious pancakes (he is a way better cook than I am...). Tents started coming down and cars were loaded. One of my little grandsons sat at the breakfast table with tears silently running down his cheeks and into his chocolate milk. He didn't say anything, but I knew. How could his very first camping trip be over?

That moment I decided that even if we were completely uncomfortable and camping was way harder than staying in a hotel, we would do this again. Maybe even make it that family tradition. 

I wonder if they make adjustable cots...

Jun 27, 2021

Lagoon With the Boys 2021

We had so much fun last summer with the kids and grandkids! So when Easter rolled around this year, instead of tons of candy, our kids found Season Passports to Lagoon in their baskets. Other than Scout's 9th grade field trip, Friday was our first real opportunity to get part of the family to Lagoon, so we decided we better take it.
Last year we took Little Warrior with us many times and he loved it! This was the first time for our Little Squire and he was much more stoic. So much so that I made it my mission to try to get him to smile.
Little Squire just turned 2 in March and he is barely tall enough for some of the rides, and this was his first one.
Curly was an amazing uncle! We hardly had to do anything. 
Little Warrior had a great time! Still no smiles from Little Squire, but no tears either, so we were hopeful.
We had to find just the right ride...
Got it!!
Second happiest place on earth!!

Jun 26, 2021

Sport's Birthday Weekend

Since Sport is working all week, we decided to give him a Birthday Weekend. You know we went to Texas Roadhouse on his actual birthday, so on Thursday I made him a cake.
According to our family rules, 18 is the last age we burn candles on a birthday cake, so this is a pretty big deal.
He got them all in one breath...
Sport, I hope all your wishes come true.💕

Jun 25, 2021

Guess Who Turned 18?

Sport!! We had an amazing day full of important stuff. Sport and I met with the doc and finished up everything so that when we got home he was able to hit the SUBMIT key on his mission papers.
I cut his hair into something a little closer to a missionary haircut. He worked a baseball game and then met with the Stake President where he got approval to be ordained an Elder on Sunday.
We decided it was a great time to celebrate!
What better way than Texas Roadhouse?
Happy birthday, Sport!!
(I think his hair looks pretty good, don't you think?😉)

Jun 24, 2021

Clark Planetarium - BBC Earth's Antarctica!

Yesterday I was telling you about our amazing Salt Lake County, and today I want to tell you about another of their fantastic facilities, Clark Planetarium. We absolutely love the Planetarium! It has been my go-to for years for my family, my girl scout troop, school field trips... I am on board for any reason.

So when the folks from BBC Earth's Antarctica invited us to preview their new family-friendly movie, I jumped in line with 11 of my best friends (ok, you caught me, they are all family members).

I have to admit that this movie was not on my radar, but after they sent me some copy to read and then a box full of swag you saw us open a few days ago, I was super excited to spend our family night in the Planetarium's IMAX theater.

The show was amazing! The photography, the colors, the unusual animal life. 

It was stunning!

The show was around 45 minutes long and honestly, I could have sat through it again had it been an option. 

Instead we visited all the displays.

Because how could we not?

It's the Planetarium after all.

Antarctica plays three times a day, 11:45 am, 2:15 pm, and 4:45 pm. Tickets cost $7 each and Planetarium members are allowed in for free. We received free tickets and swag for our honest review of BBC Earth's Antarctica.

Jun 23, 2021

Harry Potter Week

Can I just say that Salt Lake County has the most amazing programs? Today was the beginning of Hogwarts Week at the Viridian Library and we had a great time picking up supplies!
We started at Platform 9 3/4...
The Hogwarts Express led us to the Great Hall.
Everything was decorated with great care. Check out Severus Snape. He didn't like my little Ravenclaw much.
Lots of goodies including a t-shirt, treats, and bags full of make & take crafts.
McGonagall was my favorite. She taught just the right flick of the wand to make the spell work.
The last stop was the potions room. Then we were off! The rest of the week is all done virtually; zoom classes in astronomy, herbology, animals, and potions. The kids are excited to earn points for their houses. And random prizes will be given along the way. The best part? It's all free!!