Meet the Fam - Updated!

I've heard from my children that it is time to update the Meet the Fam. After nearly 5 years of blogging, things have changed so much!

I am still from a small town and I met my sweetie when I was 17. We married a year later and just passed our 32nd wedding anniversary. We have 12 amazing children. We gave them all blog names when we started this journey because my sweetie was worried about exposing them to the world. After he saw how kind and supportive the blogging world is, he was fine with us putting up pictures and even sharing real names on occasion. But for all of you out there, it is so much easier to have a descriptive name to keep everyone straight.

I hesitate to add ages because they change so quickly, but as of October 2015, these ages are correct.

Bossy (age 30) is our oldest child and she is married to Gamer. They have 5 children, 3 from Gamer's previous relationships and 2 together. Their oldest daughter, Fajita (16), lives with them permanently as do their sons, Taco (10) and Burrito (8). They share custody with Bean Dip's (13) mother who also lives here in the valley. Gamer's other daughter, Enchilada (15), lives in Texas and they don't get to see her nearly as often as they would like. (PS. They made up their own names, not me. :)

The Beast (formerly named Gym Rat, 28) changed his blog name officially when he got married to Beauty. They are still in the newlywed stage and they work hard at school and at work. They own a home here in the valley and we see them often. The Beast was recently named Scoutmaster in his ward, and both of them work closely with the youth.

Drama Queen (26) is currently living at home while she serves a Young Church Service mission for our church. We all belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we are active and happy there. She was teaching high school and she holds degrees in Drama and English Education. Her mission ends in May and she is hoping to begin a new journey in graduate school.

Teach (24) just started her first year of teaching and she is loving working with the 5th graders here in the valley although the Title 1 school is a challenge. We are happy to still have her living at home for this difficult time of preparing for school and working on her Masters degree. From what we hear she is an amazing teacher!

Dog Walker (21) graduated with his AS degree in pre-education and is now attending UVU, hoping to become a special education elementary school teacher. He has Autism and that helps him relate to students who are struggling with similar challenges. He also has a part time job and he still takes care of dogs on occasion.

Princess (19) graduated from high school and SLCC with an AS degree last spring. She is currently attending UVU and is excited to start in their elementary education program in the spring. She is also a dancer and loves her classes in the dance department, but her main passion appears to be service and she has a happy and willing heart.

Prima Donna (17) is a senior at Bingham High School. She loves to dance and write choreography, but her real passion is theater. She is in every offered top theater class including choir and tech crew. She is prepping for her final musical of her high school career, but that is just the beginning of where she wants to go in this exciting field.

Crafty (15) is a 9th grader and other than being a top scholar at school, her main passion is dance. She does ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, you name it and she loves them all. She is in all the top companies at her dance studio and she spends nearly every extra minute there helping in classes and honing her skills.

Sport (12) loves sports of all kinds. We are currently in the football season and he is playing center, snapping the ball on the offensive line. During baseball season he is the pitcher. He is right-handed, but pitches left. He is also an amazing student and as a 7th grader, he has adjusted well to middle school.

Scout (9) is a 4th grader and she loves dance (usually), softball, girl scouts, and Activity Days. She is a good student and she is always kind and helpful to her classmates. This is her first year on a performing team and she is learning about dance competitions and working with a team. She also loves basketball and reading.

Curly (7) is no longer curly, but keeps his hair short because it fits better in his football helmet! He is a 2nd grader and a happy, loving sort of guy. He is a peacemaker with a ready smile. He just became a tiger scout and he is so proud of his uniform. He plays tackle football, basketball, baseball, and he is also an amazing dancer!

Baby Doll (5) is not a baby anymore, but she will always be my baby. She missed the deadlines for kindergarten, so she is enjoying one more year of preschool. She is super smart and quite bossy although I hear that's pretty normal. She is also a dancer and she loves being as big as her sisters. You would not believe how long she has waited to be a girl scout!

There you have it. My sweetie works hard to keep us clothed and fed and I sell a little Tupperware when I have time. Mostly I am a mom and I love it. We hope you enjoy our little blog.