Jun 7, 2023

Chalk Art Contest

Bossy is an amazing artist in all sorts of genres, 
so other than a brand new baby, I wasn’t really surprised when she got the kids excited about joining her in the Chalk Art contest at Summerfest. They went through a bunch of designs before they finally settled on this one. 

They worked really hard!

They spent several hours in the sun and the rain.

Their design was beautiful and although it didn't win this year, they learned so much that will help them be competitive next year.

Love it!

Jun 5, 2023

Guest Blog: "Sweet Streeper" by Bossy and Skittles

In March, Google Fiber was installing their cable in our neighborhood. The trenching machine they used sounded a lot like the street sweeper. Skittles would hear it and run to the front door to watch the sweeper, but come back crying that it wasn't the sweeper.  After Carnitas was born, we had Gamer home with us. I was occupied when Skittles heard the familiar noise. I yelled to Gamer explaining that Skittles had been trying to catch the sweeper in action for over a month. 

The sweet streeper cleans our street. Dad and I ran to watch him. Dad helped me go out to the street to watch him clean the (circle) street. When he turned around, he stopped by our driveway. He let me take a picture. Then he gave me a Lego sweet streeper!  

The city worker declined to be in the photo with Skittles, but Skittles was so excited anyway. A few days later we built his new Lego set. This was the hardest lego set he had ever attempted and he did great! We only spilled all the pieces one time. (Unfortunately we spilled them in the vent and Gamer had to fish a bunch out.)  

Mom asked me to write this up over a month ago, but we have been busy. Then when Skittles saw the sweeper multiple times this week, it reminded me.  We saw the empty sweeper at the city parade preview and kite festival. 

And then we saw the sweeper in the parade. Of course we stayed until he cleaned up the entire route and came back around. Skittles waved furiously at his best friend each time he saw him. 

Jun 4, 2023

Guest Blogger: Taco's Graduation Party by the Dog Walker


Mom asked me to write this post for her, because she's been feeling tired and overwhelmed lately. Today was the day that we celebrated Taco's high school graduation so we planned a party for him. Before the party, we were in the rush of trying to make sure all the decorations, food, and treats were ready, while we were also trying to deal with a crisis with our water heater. Easier said than done on that, and that can be discussed later. 

Anyway, I asked Bossy if I could help her out on making a treat to go along with the other treats. I kind of overdid it, because I thought there would be lots of people coming for Taco's graduation party. I made these special mini cereal bars that I made for Taco's Eagle Court of Honor, even two new ones. It was a lot to hurry and rush to make these for supposed many people. There were a few family members who tried one or two of the different cereal bars and they said it was delicious. I was even careful on making sure that some of them were separate, especially the Reese's one, because there were a couple of people at the party who were allergic to peanuts.

Everyone was visiting while we were dining, and most of the extended family members were into holding Carnitas, just because he was born a couple months ago and is still tiny. Now I'm totally getting off topic when this party was meant for Taco. Anyway, Taco had a couple of friends over for the party and he introduced them to us. We spent a couple of hours visiting with each other, until most of the party-comers have come and left. Taco and his family stayed a little longer to help us clean up after the party. It was really fun to celebrate a graduation. Congratulations, Taco!