Sep 24, 2023

Family Birthday Party for Princess & Crafty

We had a fun family party today. My sweetie made turkey soup and wheat bread. We had a great time just chilling and watching the grandkids play.

It was another fantastic day.

Sep 23, 2023

Curly's Eagle Project

I have been consumed this week with Curly's Eagle project. We made 8 more baby quilts for the Humanitarian Center.

We started setting up at 10am and we tied 4 quilts at a time. Curly had friends from the neighborhood and fellow scouts drop by to help for a while.

Bossy's little guys were so cute!

We even had time for a little silliness...

We got things done so quickly that we even had time to tie a single bed quilt for Bossy.

It was another great day.


Sep 19, 2023

Gamer's School Party

Scout had a great time tonight at the party where Gamer works. He was a great sport, sitting in the dunk tank.

The kiddos loved the bounce houses and other games.