Apr 21, 2021

So Excited to See More Dinosaurs!!

If you have been following my blog this month, you will remember that we have had more than a bit of a dinosaur obsession at our house. Curly has been working on the Geology Merit Badge and that opened up a whole new Jurassic world for us. 

First we visited the Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm in St. George, then it was a trip to Vernal to see the Dinosaur National Monument. We also spent some quality time in the Utah Field House of Natural History.

Just when I thought we couldn't get any more exciting dinosaur activities than those, I got an email from the US Family Guide group asking us if we would like to see Jurassic Quest Drive Thru Dinosaur Experience at USANNA.

Of course we would!! I'm sure you will too, so let me give you all the details.

Jurassic Quest Drive-Thru Dinosaur Experience is coming to USANNA Amphitheatre April 23-May 9 2021 Get your tickets today at https://www.jurassicquest.com/ Experienced by over 2 million guests and as featured in the Wall Street Journal, Jurassic Quest Drive Thru is the ultimate interactive drive thru experience, featuring over 70 MOVING and ROARING dinosaurs and our 50 - foot - long Megalodon! Previous events have sold out so get your ticket now! https://www.jurassicquest.com

And it that isn't enough, check out these pics. I just hope I can get all the grandkids in my car...

See you there! If you see me, honk and wave. We will all be wearing our purple blog shirts. 

Apr 20, 2021

Cast Away!!

Ok, that was sort of a lame title, even if it is appropriate. Remember last month when Curly broke his hand playing baseball? Then our amazing N.P., Steve, made him a cast that would still allow him to play. We have had some amazing success since then including an over-the-fence homerun.

He did a great job on 1st and he even pitched a few innings!

Except for a few strikeouts, we have had a great month of baseball even with that little cast.

So today was the day and Curly was SO excited to head up to the doctor's office. He kept coming in and giving me the countdown... 34 minutes... 22 minutes... 14 minutes... until it was time to leave.

We arrived a little early and we only waited for a few minutes before being called back. Curly was so anxious that he climbed right up before they could even pull the paper over the exam chair. 

Steve gripped the cast saw and got to work.

After several cuts, he used the separator and it was almost off.

Just the scissors and he was free!

Moments later, he was off to batting practice. That kid eats, sleeps, and breathes baseball. 

Now he can play with two full hands.

Just a Silly Dad Joke

The Dog Walker came home from work last night all excited to make everyone a yummy treat. He had oreos and vanilla ice cream and before long, he was mixing up oreo milk shakes for everyone.

He opened the cupboard full of fancy glassware and pulled out some choices. Drama Queen chose her favorite, a cowboy boot-shaped glass that Teach sent home from her mission in Fort Worth, Texas.

Always the jokester, Drama Queen pointed to her delicious treat and exclaimed in her best Toy Story voice...
"There's a SHAKE in my boot!!"

Happy Monday!πŸ˜πŸ’•

Apr 18, 2021

Sanpete County

 As you all know, Baby Doll is a 4th grader and that means two things, she gets a free National Parks Pass, and she has to do a County Report. Not surprisingly, when it was her turn to choose, she picked Sanpete County. I'm pretty sure just about every one of our kids picked Sanpete County since that is the small-town Utah area where my sweetie and I both grew up. Not to miss a great opportunity, we made sure to carve a little time out of our Spring Break to take a trip back to where it all began...

Our first stop was a visit with Grandma. My sweetie tries to get down to see her regularly so he can handle home repairs and coordinate her yardwork. The kids like to do her dishes and we typically go to the store for her. 

The only real grocery store in town is Terrel's and they have the BEST donuts!

After leaving Mt. Pleasant, we continued down the road to Ephraim, the home of Snow College. I grew up in Ephraim, but that is also where I met my sweetie. He was a student at Snow and I was a senior in high school, but you can easily find our love story here on the blog, and this is a post about Baby Doll's County Report.

We stopped a few more places in Ephraim before piling in the car and driving to Manti. My favorite part of Manti has always been the Manti Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My sweetie and I were sealed there for time and all eternity.

But Manti is full of other memories too. My MIL worked here in the basement of the County Courthouse for the USU Extension Service.

We drove past my old high school where my dad taught math and driver's ed for 40 years. Then we stopped at Miller's to grab a hamburger. My best friend, Leslie, and I would sometimes run to Miller's for lunch because she worked there, but we never bought hamburgers. We always bought a dozen donuts and then split them right down the middle. Those donuts always helped keep me awake during my driver's ed and math classes...

Small town, small school.

Great report, Baby Doll!!