Birth Stories

I love sharing the birth stories with you! It’s been a challenge to remember which was which, but with a little help from the baby books I think I’m pretty accurate…although for some reason my sweetie seems to remember the past a bit differently from me. I’m not sure who has lost the most brain cells, me for HAVING 12 babies, or him for putting up with me having 12 babies.


Gym Rat

Drama Queen


Dog Walker


Prima Donna





Baby Doll


Lindsay said...

These are great! My friend Alicia has been doing a feature on her mom, who also had 12 children :) Alicia is pregnant with her 2nd and is doing a series about her mom's birth stories. :)

Michelle said...

How wonderful that you have such detailed memories of each of your children. :) Such a sweet idea to capture these memories! :)

Nelson said...

Being a mom itself is an amazing journey. Penning down all the experiences is equally wonderful. Explore learning activities for kids in

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
I am impressed how you and your family managed aaallll the logistics of a big family! I am really curious about the US health system and how maternity rights and services work. Did you have to pay for the hospital costs and ante-/prenatal care out of pocket or were you insured for it? And were you ever checked for gestational diabetes? Nowadays here in Germany every pregnant woman - regardless if she has any risk factors for it or not - is tested for blood sugar levels around 20 weeks. Common effects on the baby are that they gain more weight than expected which can lead to more complications at birth and that they are at higher risk to develop jaundice, both of which you describe in your birth stories. Would you have had to opt in for such tests? I cannot imagine living with the constant fear of having to pay medical bills because someone gets ill...
All the best,