May 7, 2022

Get Ready for the Venardos Circus!!

Not long ago, Little Warrior told his dad that it was time to go to the circus. So The Beast, being the amazing dad that he is, called me on the phone to see if I knew anywhere that a circus was playing in Utah. I did a little research, and sadly, called him back with a negative response. Then a couple of days ago, US Family Guide asked me if I would like to review the Vernardos CIRCUS that was scheduled for a couple of weeks in Orem. 

How fast do you think I can type YES?!

We are SUPER excited to be visiting this brand new (at least to us) Circus. Truly, from the pics, it looks like so much fun, but I will give you my fair and honest review if you want to check back with me next weekend. You will still have plenty of time to get tickets and I can hook you up with a coupon code thanks to our great friends at US Family Guide. They want me to tell you that Venardos Circus proudly features its own custom-made big-top, a classic red-and-white striped tent, with an intimate feel and limited seating. The circus performers also are the crew in this traveling tour, just like the original circus tradition. 

Curly didn't want to go because he was worried about animal abuse, but from what I understand, there are no animals in the Venardos Circus. Enjoy a 20% discount to the Venardos Circus in Orem! May 12-22 - All showtimes and dates Use code OREMFAMILY.

See you there!!

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