May 17, 2022

REVIEW: LessonFace - 18 Months Later

First, I just want to say that this is an unsanctioned review and more of a followup from last year. About 18 months ago, US Family Guide asked me to do a review on a brand new product, Piano Pass, a product of LessonFace.

Curly had  never taken piano lessons before, but since he is such an amazing son (he did complain a little...), he agreed to give it a try.

The lessons are taken via Zoom and he has an amazing teacher named Beverly Cashin. Each lesson is a group lesson, but sometimes Curly is the only one. Baby Doll started taking lessons several weeks after Curly, but since he was first, I will only share about him this time.

If he practiced more, he could have advanced even more quickly, but you know, baseball and stuff... given his crazy schedule, this program is perfect and affordable. If he can't make a lesson because of a game, I just don't sign him up for one.

Piano Pass has now been rolled into lessons of any sort, guitar, language, even ukulele for my entire family all for under $200 a year. Have you ever paid for even a month's worth of lessons? This is a bargain!!

And now I present to you proof. Here is Curly in his very first piano recital.

So proud. 

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