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Mar 11, 2015

State Sterling Scholar

Today has been a crazy day! I have several stories to share, but for now, I'll just tell you about State Sterling Scholar.

Princess was a state finalist in Family and Consumer Sciences. She had her interview a couple of weeks ago and at the time, she felt like they didn't really even want to talk to her, like maybe they had already chosen their winner.

So honestly, she wasn't all that surprised tonight when she didn't place in the top 3. But she did an amazing job on her portfolio! And she is still one of the top 15 students in FACS in the state of Utah, so that is pretty cool. None of the kids from her school placed in any of the 14 categories.

It's amazing to me how poised and confident my sweet daughter is on the stage. From the petite little blond who didn't murmur 10 words through her entire preschool year... to Deputy Mayor of the Youth City Council...it's been quite a transition.

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