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Mar 26, 2015

Planning for Graduation

Today was a milestone day. After school I escorted Princess and the Dog Walker to the main campus at SLCC for the graduation fair. It was so fun to watch the two of them try on their caps and gowns and anticipate their upcoming commencement!

It's been 3 years since we have had a graduation in the family and now suddenly we have 3, two for Princess and one for the Dog Walker. Princess is graduating from SLCC with High Honors, so they gave her gold cords and the Dog Walker is graduating with Honors, so he got silver ones.

They also got to spin a wheel for prizes and Princess won 2 nice mechanical pencils while the Dog Walker won a ceramic mug. When they redeemed their prizes they were also given soda and donuts.

We only had one hiccup when they had a misspelling in Princess's middle name and it took them 20 minutes to decide it was OK to capitalize her A. So silly...

But of course she wants her name to be spelled correctly on her diploma.

So happy for these two! They have both worked so hard and that hard work has finally paid off.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Dog Walker and to Princess also..What crowining achievments and gold and silver cords for their high academic grades, plus your daughter graduates from high school too with all the awards she got there..If only other moms and dads could read and learn from your blog how to love and raise children we would have far less kids in the juvenile justice center..Their parents have basically abandoned them, no love of God or any religious upbringing, no Love and affection, no discipline, no role model of how to be a great human being with love of God like you and your hubs have a happy home, siblings who love and care about each other, oh, how I have prayed for your blog and told anyone who would listen to me about your blog, if you can do it with a dozen chidren and be happy and loving of God and your faith I certainly think other parents can work and work on trying to love and raise God loving, disciplined and happy children..I pray others will follow your lead and your husbands too, your children in my opinion are truly blessed and will bless our world in many many ways, way to go to your children and for you and your husband congrats too and kudos you truly believe in your faith and the Lord and show it in your raising of wonderful wonderful children..ciao!


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