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Mar 1, 2015

Guest Blog: The Softball Service by Burrito

It has been an exciting weekend at our house because Fajita made the softball team at Bingham High School! Last night we secretly cleaned the house so the team could kidnap her at 4 AM to go to breakfast. She was so surprised! She got home about 8 AM and had to go back to practice at 8:45. We joined her at 11:00 to help clean up the softball fields.

At first the only job for small kids was to pick up garbage. We picked up 5 big bags of leaves. While we were picking up garbage, they had a big red machine. My mom called it a sod-cutter. It was super distracting. They were cutting the sod under the batting cage nets. When the man running the machine got close to the nets he asked me to help! I was so exited to stop picking up trash and watch the machine work. My brother, Taco, got jealous and came over too.

When the machine was all done, a different dad started rolling up the grass and carrying it to a pile. I asked if I could help too. And the dad said yes. First I just rolled up the strips for him to cut and carry. Next Uncle Dog Walker came to help carry and Taco and Mom helped roll too.

After a while I asked if I could carry a roll. The dad didn't think I was strong enough.  He told me they were very heavy.  He cut a little smaller one and handed it to me. He was surprised I could carry it all by myself. We worked on it for a long time. My mom said we could go when we finished all the grass. The dad finished cutting and asked us to finish by ourselves so he could go work on a trench. We finally finished just before 2:00 PM.

My mom said, "Let's go get some lunch." As we were headed to the car, the dad in charge of the big machine stopped us and said, "You guys were really great helpers. Please help us by first and third base." My mom said we would be back after lunch.
We ate lunch at Grandma's and Dog Walker went to set up chairs at the church for stake conference so Baby Doll, Curly, Scout, and Bean Dip came back with us to finish the job. They were surprised to see us back, but happy we came to help. We worked for another hour and it even started to snow!

I am glad Fajita made the softball team and I could help her team get ready for their game next week. I'm happy when I help others.


Shana M said...

Congrats to Fajita!!

Natalie Ockey said...

Yay for Fajita! That is awesome!


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