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Mar 24, 2015

Free Tickets to the Jazz Game

Remember way back at Christmas time when we went to the sing-along at the Energy Solutions Arena? Not only did they treat us to a show and give us goodies, we also got free tickets to a Jazz game. They were playing the Timberwolves and honestly it wasn't supposed to be that great of a match-up. Not that my kids care, they just love going to a game in the big arena.

The ride down was uneventful and we were eventually all seated in section 135. We always get the nose-bleed seats, but what do you expect for free? The Jazz didn't seem to be bringing their best game, but that made it close and it was exciting when the score kept see-sawing back and forth.

Then they brought out the Sprite sling-shot. They were literally shooting one full-sized green basketball into each of the 4 quadrants of the audience. Everyone was on their feet, hoping to be the chosen one.

As I watched that ball sail from way down on the hardwood floor, I knew it was coming to me. I just had to be able to catch it.

And I did!

The only problem was that it hit my hands and the hands of the older gentleman in front of me at the same time.  He graciously let go and I quickly handed the ball to Curly who had the biggest grin imaginable on his face. After a moment, I tapped my new-found friend on the shoulder and thanked him for being a good sport. He turned and looked at my cute son with his arm wrapped around his precious ball. "No problem," he chuckled. "That's right where it belonged."

The Jazz lost a nail-biter in overtime, but we walked away happy. It's not every day we get to see such good sportsmanship displayed at an NBA game.

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